Several years ago, you needed to be an expert software cracker to defeat a commercial copy protection built into an application or a game. However with Crackulous around, any average Joe is now able to crack iPhone and iPod touch applications with a single click. Crakulous is an application that is capable of removing copy protection built into iPhone and iPod touch applications available from Apple store.

Usually, mobile software and games download from apple store cannot be shared with others as they are protected by a copy protection system. With the help of Crackulous, users are able to remove this protection and redistribute their as many times as they like. One of the reasons for this application’s popularity might its ease of use – it’s a GUI based utility that is capable of cracking multiple apps at the same time. Crackulous itself is an iPhone/iPod touch application which requires a jailbroken device to run.


Crackulous however is not a perfect tool. As of version 0.9, at least one legitimate application downloaded from the applications store must be present on the mobile device to ensure proper functionality of the tool. And Crackulous is unable to crack any of the applications that begin with a number.

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[Click Here] to visit Hacklab, an anti-crack site run by an anonymous iPhone application developer (interesting read – presents the other side of the story)

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