Private torrent trackers have risen to popularity of the past couple of years and now there are thousands of them online, with new sites being launched daily. Out of these sites, only a few such as TorrentLeech, TorrentBytes, BitMe, BoxTorrents, etc have managed to stay online for more than 4 years. How about a private torrent tracker that’s more than 6 years old?


FatalTracker (FT) is a community based site which is celebrating its 6th birthday in 2009. I don’t know the exact date this site started out – apparently even the FT admins don't know that for sure. But this sure as hell is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) private trackers currently online.

For a BitTorrent site that’s 6 years old, FT’s stats are nothing spectacular. It has a user base of around 530 members and tracks a little over 1000 torrents. Reason for the relatively low member count is perhaps due to not many people knowing of its existence -I’ve not seen this tracker being mentioned a lot of BitTorrent forums, open signups checkers, etc. Besides, FT is a community based tracker and the admins don’t seem to care about numbers anyway.

As for the content on FT, it’s a general tracker with lots of movie releases. Pre times are average and most of the torrents are scene releases.

fataltracker screen

Download speeds on FT are not bad at all – the site is powered by 3 seedboxes which are more than enough to cater for its small user base. Following is quoted from homepage:

If your download speed is slow , you need to get "connectable" 90% of these files come from seedboxes,I can usually DL @ 1.4mbits. If you dont know how to become "connectable" Join the FORUMS we can help.

FatalTracker has a seed bonus system you can earn points by seeding torrents or by winning competitions. Points earned can later be exchanged for upload credit, etc. FT is also known for extended free leech periods – for example currently every torrent on the site is on free leech. One of the downsides with FT is its layout – it’s not the most attractive tracker interface out there (this is my personal opinion).

As of 19/2/2009, FT is open for public signups. From what I’ve heard they’ll stay open till the 23rd of this month and then shut the doors for another year. If you like to be part of a community based tracker, go ahead and signup while its open (new users get 2GB free upload credit).

Site Name: FatalTracker (

Signup URL:

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  1. Anonymous // 2/20/2009 04:23:00 AM  

    Aha! you saw my post on the other forum...

    :D nice one

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 2/20/2009 04:30:00 AM  

    Indeed. Knew about the site and was a member there some time back as well but it was your post that brought back the memories :)

  3. Anonymous // 2/20/2009 07:29:00 AM  

    Thanks for the write up guys. Couldnt figure out where all the members came from.
    Yes we prefer to be under the "radar" , if you will.But it seems you've gotten us attention ...oh well.

    The doors close Sunday, yes we have tons of freeleech. No we dont worry about any numbers except seedtime.Our forums have a ton of knowledge, our site is friendly and the staff is ...well lets say well seasoned :)
    I hope that most of you stick around the site , odds are you wont (most users worry about ratios way too much),. But if you you wont be disappointed.

  4. grapher // 2/20/2009 07:34:00 AM  

    when i try to register it says
    You appear to be connecting through a proxy server. Your organization or ISP may use a transparent caching HTTP proxy. Please try and access the site on port 81 (this should bypass the proxy server).

    Note: if you run an Internet-accessible web server on the local machine you need to shut it down until the sign-up is complete

  5. Unknown // 2/20/2009 09:44:00 AM  

    FTS is open; don't know for how long

  6. Anonymous // 2/20/2009 05:21:00 PM  

    :) keep up the good work lightning Struck :)

    and thank you for all the articles, hope to meet you one day at the irc :)

  7. Anonymous // 2/20/2009 11:24:00 PM  

    If you have problems , sign up at the forums (separate registration) and PM me . I'll set you up with an account and email the specifics to you

  8. autotron // 2/15/2011 05:56:00 AM  

    To celebrate our 8th year and still going strong, we have decided to open the doors for a limited time. we are however not known as but have adapted the me extension for security reasons so we are now please come join us for our birthday celebration on February 18-21

  9. autotron // 10/13/2012 08:24:00 PM still going strong...In Febuary we will be celebrating our tenth year :D

    signups are open now, but not for long