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Scene group RELOADED are back with a bang. They’ve cracked the DRM protection in highly anticipated PC racing game Burnout Paradise. Burnout Paradise, like most major PC titles of 2008 and 2009, is protected by the SecuROM Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. This title however uses a less restrictive version of SecuROM which did not have the online activation component (SecuROM PA) embedded.

RELOADED’s release (mentioned on pre channels as Burnout.Paradise.The.Ultimate.Box-RELOADED) contains a full DVD ISO of the game, a cracked patch to update the game to version 1001, a key generator that generates valid serial keys for the game as well as a modified executable which seemingly has DRM protection (including the DVD check) removed. It is still not known whether all SecuROM triggers build into the game code have been removed.

Several private torrent trackers have already begun tracking RELOADED’s release:

SCC - Burnout.Paradise.The.Ultimate.Box-RELOADED (Uploaded 3 mins 20 secs after pre)
ScT - Burnout.Paradise.The.Ultimate.Box-RELOADED (Uploaded 3 mins 44 secs after pre) - (Winner: SCC 24 secs ago)
PT- Burnout.Paradise.The.Ultimate.Box-RELOADED (Uploaded 4 mins 56 secs after pre) - (Winner: SCC 1 min 36 secs ago)
HT - Burnout.Paradise.The.Ultimate.Box-RELOADED

As usual, this release is expected to leak to public torrent trackers, one click hosting sites and so on. On a side note, you do not need a legitimate CD-Key to play online.

Developer Description

Burnout Paradise (formerly known as Burnout 6) by Criterion Games is the seventh game in the Burnout video game series. It was released in January 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was also released on the PlayStation Store in September 2008 and will be available on Microsoft Windows from February 2009. It has an open world set in the fictional Paradise City, with no loading times and no traditional online lobbies or game menus. The song "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses is the game's title music and also featured on the in-game soundtrack.


Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz (3.2GHz if using Vista)
  • Memory: 1 GB (1.5GB if using Vista)
  • Hard Drive: 4 GB Free
  • Video Memory: 128 MB (Shader Model 3.0+)
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard & Mouse
    DVD Rom Drive


Gameplay Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dikcXs0NCo
Previews: Gamespot Preview
Trailers: List of trailers from Gametrailers.

Possible solutions for problems you may encounter with Burnout Paradise (PC)

Can’t configure keys, change display settings and other options in game

The menu system of Burnout Paradise is a little odd – not the most user friendly interface if you ask me. Load the game and press esc key once you are in the game. Use function keys F1 and F2 to cycle through in game options menus. 

Performance issues, crashes to desktop (CTD) and other errors

I for one have not had any problems with this game during the 3-4 hours I played it so far. If you are experiencing issues, I suggest you download and install latest video card and audio drivers for your hardware. If you use an NVIDIA graphics card, Download and install ForceWare 181.22 from here. If you use an ATI graphics card, download and install ATI Catalyst 9.1 from here. If you don’t know what your video card is, use 3DP Chip to automatically search for and download latest audio and video drivers for your computer. 

For a list of games that are due to be released in February 2009, refer to this article.

Note: Please do not post download or torrent links to cracks, keygens or serials here.

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  1. tejaslok // 2/03/2009 11:20:00 PM  

    Thios is a nice game i downloaded it u know crashday it is similar but the difference is it is racing

    LS Tower plz do me a favour plz tell me when GFT could open for invites plz post

    LS Tower mods agreed abt the post of neoscene but the only ones yet to agree are admins stil not contacted them. I will tell only after contacting them... thank you

    tejas lok

  2. tejaslok // 2/03/2009 11:22:00 PM  

    abt neonscne.net LS Tower can u PM ur mail ID so that he can contact u if u agree

  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 2/03/2009 11:56:00 PM  

    GFT is currently closed and invites are also closed. If it opens up again we'll post on the homepage as usual.

    You can contact me via filenetworks[at]gmail[dot]com


  4. Unknown // 2/05/2009 06:01:00 PM  

    Game freezes on first loading screen, the arrow just keeps turning but the game won't start.
    Also a window says "can't find setup C:/Program Files/setup_bs.exe. This everything stated in the nfo but no luck whatsoever.

  5. Akamaru1987 // 2/06/2009 12:33:00 AM  

    I have the same problem, i can open the game but cant go farther than the loading screen, just keep loading for hour !!!! if someone can help please send me a email dont hesitate i try everything !!!!!


  6. Akamaru1987 // 2/06/2009 12:35:00 AM  

    I have the same problem, i can open the game but cant go farther than the loading screen, just keep loading for hour !!!! if someone can help please send me a email dont hesitate i try everything !!!!!


  7. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 2/06/2009 12:58:00 AM  

    Everyone having startup problems, here is something you can try:


    Cannot guarantee it'll do anything at all but worth a try.

  8. جنید عطاری // 2/12/2009 06:34:00 AM  

    Nothing do! Same Error :((

  9. Arnoo // 2/16/2009 03:25:00 PM  

    you are using the file u overwritid as louncher
    but you should use the [Burnoutlouncher.exe] file, you can find it in the map you installd it in

  10. ans // 3/05/2009 04:34:00 AM  

    Hey I am having the same problem "i can open the game but cant go farther than the loading screen, just keep loading for hour !!!! if someone can help please send me a email at



  11. saif_dean // 6/23/2009 04:19:00 PM  

    plz help me also....
    it was endless loop of loading screen...

  12. Unknown // 7/24/2009 02:10:00 AM  

    to start it go to the crack folder and click on burnout paradise from there.. hope it works for u cuz it did for me!!! =D gud game by the way

  13. Unknown // 7/24/2009 02:11:00 AM  

    go to the crack folder and start the game fromthre