A quick update on several trainers that have been released for FEAR 2 : Project Origin. As usual, Cheathappens have released a promotional version of their trainer which only has one option (increased accuracy). To get the full version which has around 12 options, you need to have a Cheathappens unlimited account (which is a paid subscription).

FYI the full Cheaphappens trainer includes options such as Unlimited Health, Unlimited Armor, Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, No Weapon Overheat, Unlimited Slo-Mo, Improved Accuracy, Increased Sprint Speed, Unlimited Sprint, Hover Mode, No Clipping Mode and Save/Load Position (Teleport). As far as I know, the full trainer has not leaked anywhere yet. You can however download the promotional version for both 1.0 and 1.01 versions of the game.

[Click Here] to download the FEAR 2 :Project Origin 1.01 (build 2255) promotional trainer from GameCopyWorld

[Click Here] to download the FEAR 2 :Project Origin 1.0 (build 2240) promotional trainer from GameCopyWorld

By the way, I found another trainer for FEAR 2 which has 5 options (created by KelSat). Unlike Cheathappens, this one comes free. Note that I could not test this trainer (it’s for build 1.0 of FEAR 2 and by the time I discovered this one I had updated the game to patch 1.01.2255.0).

FEAR 2 trainer

Anyway it looks legit and has no viruses. You can see the VirusTotal report for the trainer executable from here.

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  1. Unknown // 2/15/2009 05:39:00 PM  

    trainer works so far but after some minutes the game crash to desktop

    tried it over 30 times and everytime the same so :


  2. Violated // 2/15/2009 05:56:00 PM  

    Working fine down here. Plus5 trainer with game version 1.0.2240

    Played about three hours straight - no crashes.

  3. Tempest // 2/18/2009 05:05:00 AM  

    It in't working. The ammo thingie does give you the full ammo for the weapon but the "extra" bullets doesn't cause damage to the enemies. Big Help!!!