Pirates crack Drakensang: The Dark Eye DRM

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 2/26/2009 | | 1 Comments »

Drakensang : The Dark Eye is an RPG game by developed by Germa developer Radon Labs. Localized versions of Drakensang were released back in August, 2008 and the international version was released about two days ago on the 24th of February. Just two days after INT release Razor1911, a veteran group from the warez scene, claims to have cracked the game’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) system.

Drakensang The Dark Eye

Drakensang : The Dark Eye is (or ‘was’) protected by Sony’s SecuROM v7 DRM system. Razor1911 are not exactly new to cracking this type of protection – earlier this year they cracked SecuROM in LOTR: Conquest and have cracked numerous other titles throughout 2008 as well. Razor1911’s release includes a full DVD ISO of the game as well as a cracked exe with SecuROM protection stripped from it. Cracked version of the game has now spread to private and public torrent trackers, one click hosting sites such as RapidShare, public FTP sites, etc.

Speaking of the game, I’ve read several positive user opinions about Drakensang : The Dark Eye on various gaming forums. IGN review has also given it a respectable overall score of 7.6. Although not hugely popular, this looks like a game worth playing.


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