Yesterday we talked about how a bunch of private trackers closed down for good and today we talk about the birth of a new BitTorrent site. That’s how it is in the world of BitTorrent  - sites get shut down, new sites go online and the Hydra lives on. is a brand new private torrent tracker that specializes in Horror movies. As you may not there aren’t many specializes horror trackers out there apart from a handful such as Scarethe.Net, The Horror Charnel, & Cinemageddon. Therefore, Dead-Skull has great potential for growth in this almost untouched niche category.

dead skull tracker

As mentioned above Dead-Skull is a new entrant to the BitTorrent scene. At the time this post is being written there are only 26 members and 5 torrents on this tracker. Before you say ‘duh!’, note that Dead Skull has only been online for 5 days - all new trackers start small so give it some time for the news to spread and user base and torrent index to expand.

Dead Skull seems to be a private tracker from Russia. The interface language and the indexed content (so far) however are all English. This tracker actually has a nice, uncommon layout which is easy to navigate.

dead skull torrents 

At this point of time not much else can be said about Dead Skull since it’s so new. Like all new BitTorrent sites it’ll have to face the test of time and survive the early stages. The start however looks promising and if you are looking for a new horror movie tracker, check this site out (signups are open).

Site Name: Dead-Skull (

Signup URL:


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