CZONE Tracker is now CZTeam

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Popular private BitTorrent tracker CZONE has undergone a lot of changes in the past few days. The site now has a new name (CZTeam) and can be accessible via the new URL As you may already know, CZONE tracker was owned by an actual Romanian ISP named CZONE. CZONE was recently bought by RDS (Romania Data Systems) and the new management did not like the idea of operating a BitTorrent tracker. This prompted CZONE tracker admins to move their server to a different location, re-brand and re-launch the BitTorrent tracker without letting it die.

Quoted below is a noticed sent to use by the CZTeam tracker admin which contains some useful information for existing members:

First we want to thank you on behalf of Team C-ZONE for the fact that you have been great from the start! Years and years you were with us, we laughed together at the best and we put away the bad nerves when we had problems. The fact that you were with us was our main goal, and for you we tried to make this tracker as close to your preferences as we can. I listened with love any ideas, I appreciated the words of praise from torrents comments and forum, but I took your criticism seriously and tried not ever to disappoint you.

At this time C-ZONE Tracker suffers a little modification. He will change the address to which it can be accessed.

New address of C-ZONE Tracker/The New CZTeam is:
This address comes into effect from now! C-ZONE Tracker will be available for a period of time at the old address to, but we recommend you to use this new address. Structure, staff and quality of the tracker will remain the same, only the DNS (address to which it is accessed) will be changed for various reasons.

As you probably anticipated the torrents will have to be announced to change under the new addresses: CZTeam
Therefore we call for your help to follow these steps to keep seeding the torrents with the new announce:

1. Identify in your mind the torrent you have to seed. (those with green arrows pointed upword in utorrent)
2. Acces Torrents section in CZTeam Tracker (there are the torrents)
3. Re-download .torrent file on the tracker (click click click)
4. Open it in utorrent and select the OK, when prompt (obviously)
5. This is absolutely everything. (epic win)

The new announce will be written in the torrent that you are allready seeding, without any request/more strees to select manually the path where the torrent is saved to your HDD.
Thank you our dear users. This is the FIRST major step in improving our tracker. We assure you that in the next period will bring u a series of beautiful surprises and contests.
Thank you,


The server move has actually gone very smooth and no data have been lost – all torrents, user accounts, stats, ratio and everything else remains the same. We at FILEnetworks Blog wish all the best to CZTeam Tracker, it’s staff and the administrators.