Managing a Windows application can be a real pain if there are un-attended or hard to remove processes present. Process Hacker is a tool for viewing and manipulating processes and their threads, modules, memory and handles, and viewing and editing services.  A popular use of this tool is to find traces of viruses in memory – It can search through process memory and find hidden services and threads or other malware usually left behind/ in use by viruses and Trojans. Once detected, these stubborn processed can easily be removed or manipulated using Process Hacker.

process hacker

A new version of process hacker, v1.3.7.0, was released on the 23rd of April. The new build features many bugfixes, performance improvements and some new features. You can all download and give it a shot because the software is free of charge and pretty small in file size.


  • Terminating processes and threads now bypasses all but the most Advanced anti-termination methods
  • Better hidden processes scanner (similar to Blacklight's and IceSword's) Which can now detect both Hacker Defender and FU
  • Basic support for Windows 7 in Process Hacker and KProcessHacker
  • Proper symbol support with dbghelp.dll
  • Private, Shared and Shareable Working Set columns
  • Improved handle viewing with KProcessHacker - more object types are visible, Including ALPC Ports and protected process handles
  • Stack viewing uses KProcessHacker on Windows Vista
  • Handle highlighting
  • Lists now have column sorting priority
  • Memory list is much faster
  • Better thread start addresses, especially on Windows XP
  • Job termination
  • Elevation button in Options now spawns a child options window instead of Restarting Process Hacker elevated
  • Can open process properties from the handle list
  • Better "could not initialize configuration" message for Windows Vista
  • New Terminator method: assigns a job object to the process and terminates it
  • Process Properties menu item in the handle filter window
  • Can now close multiple handles at once from the handle filter window


[Click Here] to download Process Hacker from SourceForge (Direct Download)