About three weeks ago we posted about a private tracker that offered downloads to street racing, drag racing, rally, off road, Nascar, MotoGP and all sorts of other motorsports torrents – The Monkey Kingdom (TMK). However, much to the disappointment of its users, TMK was down in the past few days. There is no reason to worry as the site is now fully back up – they’ve changed the name to Formula Monkey and have moved to a new domain.

formula monkey

The downtime or the URL change has not caused any data loss at the Formula Monkey. They still track over 4300+ active torrents and has a user base of over 3600 members. All users stats including ratio and bonus points too remain unchanged. More information on this site’s content can be found our previous article located here.

If you registered on this tracker back when it was open, you can use the same user account to log in even at the new domain. If you are still not a member and want to get into this site, the new we have is not good – the site is currently closed for public registrations. We will update on the homepage when/if The Formula Monkey ever opens signups again.

Site Name: The Formula Monkey (Link Removed)


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