Lots of good trackers opening up these days – latest to join the club is LeechersLair (LL) – a decent private torrent tracker that has been closed to the public for the past few months. LeechersLair is a general tracker which means that you’ll be able to find and downloads all sorts of torrents including movies, music , games, E-books, software and 0-day releases and more. Note that LL is not a scene releases only tracker – both scene and p2p releases are tracked along with a few exclusive releases of their own.

leecherslair logo

When it comes to statistics, LL does great in comparison to most other private trackers. It has a user base in excess of 17500 members and tracks 6200+ torrents. LL is a well established tracker in the BitTorrent scene and has been online for more than three years. Download speeds on this tracker are quite good. According to admins, all torrents are seeded using 100mbit seedboxes.

Recently LL launched the ‘LL Xclusives’ feature which is all about torrents exclusive to this tracker. Chances are that you will not find these rare releases elsewhere on any other BitTorrent tracker. Torrents exclusive to LL can be found in the LL Xclusives section. In addition to exclusive torrents, there are a lot of torrent packs online as well. The screenshot below captures some of the packs found on LL:

LL packs 

If you are a brand new member (or willing to become a member) of LeechersLair you should probably take note of the following:

Please note that we do not allow the use of Azureus/Vuse on this site and recommend the use of µtorrent.

As mentioned earlier the public signups for LL are currently open. The open signups won’t last forever so get in you can. If you are on the lookout for a decent general/0day tracker, here is a site well worth checking out.

Site Name: LeechersLair (http://www.leecherslair.com)

Signup URL: http://www.leecherslair.com/signup.php (Do not use Yahoo mail. Use ISP mail, hotmail or gmail)


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    Open again

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    Signups are no longer open...

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    They apear to be shut down as of April 21st 2009. When you go to the home url you get a message that says there is no website at this address... :-( Can anyone shed some lite on this? Everything seemed to be going ok a couple of days ago...

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    efil4weivfoelsi ,