One of the worst things that can happen to a private torrent tracker is a database failure that results in data loss. Popular movie torrent tracker PassThePopcorn (PtP) just went though one such nightmarish database crash which resulted in a massive loss of user accounts, torrents, user stats, forum posts and lots of other data. Thankfully the majority of the lost data were recovered using a previous backup. This backup however was three weeks old – for existing PtP members it may seem like the site went three weeks back in time.

pass the popcorn

Following is quoted from a news post published on PtP homepage:

On April 14th, we lost our database. We have recovered the database from 3-27-09. Due to this loss, all torrents, forum posts, ratio histories, donations, etc. after 3-27-2009 were lost. Any torrents you have downloaded that are no longer on the site can be re-uploaded. Please check before uploading as not to upload a duplicate copy.
We have made each and every torrent freeleech. Enjoy! All site rules apply!
Steps have been taken to prevent this in the future

Judging by posts on various file sharing and BitTorrent forums, lots of PtP members have lost bonus credits, user class promotions, ratio stats and in some cases even invitees. This also means that if you registered on PtP on or after 3-27-2009, your account itself may have got deleted. This is why the administrators have opened signups for an indefinite period of time – those who lost their accounts can now create a new account and re-join the tracker.

passthepopcorn screen
Screenshot: PassthePopcorn runs on Gazelle, a BitTorrent tracker script pioneered by crew

Of course, those who were waiting to get into PtP too can use this open signup window to create themselves a free account. With 14500+ users and close to 8000 torrents (stats as of 16/4/09 – after data loss), PtP is still a good movie torrent tracker.

Site Name: Pass The Popcorn (

Signup URL:


  1. Unknown // 4/16/2009 05:40:00 AM  

    Wow that sucks. Seems the only thing I lost was part of my bookmarks.

  2. madmadona // 4/16/2009 05:12:00 PM sign up is open. Lots of Indian cinema, music etc...

  3. madmadona // 4/16/2009 05:16:00 PM sign up is open. Good Slovenian tracker.....

  4. westslope // 4/16/2009 07:20:00 PM  

    The sign-up link currently states that registration is invite only. Perhaps it will open up according to this article.

  5. Anonymous // 4/16/2009 07:24:00 PM  

    Still need an invite to join?

  6. TEAM FILEnetworks // 4/16/2009 07:47:00 PM  

    Guys i think they've closed registrations by now. They were open for the most part of yesterday.

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 4/16/2009 07:47:00 PM  

    Thanks Kalpana for the open signup links.

  8. Vomitscream // 4/16/2009 08:24:00 PM  
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  9. wilmark // 4/17/2009 02:30:00 AM  

    I registered but they never sent a confirmation email - but said to PM them - i irc'd and they never took me on in the Help etc

  10. Anonymous // 4/17/2009 03:01:00 AM  

    Sorry, the site is currently invite only.

  11. Unknown // 5/20/2009 09:29:00 AM  

    I need an invitation but it is impossible for irc.
    Help please.

  12. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 5/20/2009 12:46:00 PM  

    What exactly is the issue with IRC?

  13. Unknown // 5/21/2009 09:15:00 AM  

    Thanks for answering,

    My problem is simple, I do not speak English use a translator, in the IRC for invited I get no response I do not understand, has a difficult solution.

    As an invitation could not use IRC? is possible?

    Thanks for your Amability Lightning Struck Tower.

    Mi problema es sencillo, yo no hablo Ingles uso un traductor, una vez dentro del IRC para obtener las invitaciones de passThePopcorn me dicen que no me entienden y no me responden, ya se que tiene una dificil solución.

    Seria posible obtener una invitación sin usar IRC?

    Gracias Lightning Struck Tower eres muy amable