Here is a new addition to our TV Trackers section after a while. torrentsRmine (TRM) is a private torrent tracker that specializes in TV serials and documentaries. TRM is a bit different from other TV Trackers such as BitMeTV and Tv.Torrents.Ro - the main focus is given to talk shows (Dr. Phil, Oprah, Ellen, etc) and documentaries (Discovery, Nat Geo, CNN, CNBC, etc) as opposed to drama series such as LOST or 24. Some of the shows on this tracker are actually not found on the top three TV trackers (, BMTV, TVT.Ro).


TRM is not exactly a brand new tracker – the site’s got over 1600 members and currently tracks 1000+ torrents. These stats however doesn't do justice to TRM – it’s a decent TV tracker with some rare shows and deserves more publicity.

TRM seems to index both scene and non scene releases. TV Shows are mostly in avi but .mpg and .wmv formats are also allowed on the tracker. In addition to the TV episodes, this TRM also tracks some TV movies such as those exclusively aired on Hallmark. Video quality was great in all of the torrents I downloaded from the tracker. See the screenshot below to get a better idea of what sort of content can be found on TRM:

torrentsrmine screenshot

If you are just joining this tracker, there is a post on homepage worth reading for all new members:

Word of advice.
Stay away from torrent packs that are over 1 GB. If you choose to download those, you are basically making that torrent your first and last one to download from here ever.
Why? You start off with a ratio of ONE (with no upload credit whatsoever), by the time you have completed a download of that torrent pack, your ratio would have fallen below 0.4, in which case, your only way out of this mess is to donate for gigs.
If you choose to do nothing, your account will be banned, and your IP range will be logged and banned.
It is THAT simple.

Public registrations for torrentsRmine is currently open. If you are interested, you can create an account for free.

Site Name: torrentsRmine ( )

Signup URL:


  1. Jhonny Gil // 4/12/2009 09:32:00 PM  

    Thanks..! Now Im registered! Love this tracker!

  2. mags // 6/05/2009 03:40:00 AM  

    Honestly, torrentsrmine is one of the most frustrating sites around.

    The site has more bugs than HUD housing - the rules change constantly - the tone is incredibly rude, they actually curse at members in the forums, the only way to be able to download the exclusive content is to wait for weeks to become a power user and/or... wait for it... DONATE!
    They ban anyone not willing to be sycophantic.
    It's very, very sad specifically considering the 'feel good' content!

  3. Unknown // 6/06/2009 02:35:00 AM  

    STAY AWAY from that tracker! Their behavior does not fit to the content they offer, like Oprah and Ellen since their tone is rude and not acceptable. They spy out what you say in the forums and they ban you. They use very strong and dirty language against you if you say something that they don´t want to hear. I got banned after beeing a good member for 2 years because I tried to help someone who got banned before.
    They have changed the rules to make every new member donate, otherwise you will not see the exclusive shows like Ellen or Oprah.
    Again.....Stay away from that Tracker!

  4. Unknown // 8/02/2009 11:32:00 AM  

    I, too, would advise anyone to stay away from this network. Despite the good shows they have, the people running it are unbelievably rude and arrogant.

  5. Unknown // 8/04/2009 11:43:00 AM  

    I've never been to a smaller site that didn't have to do things in order to prevent HnR's so making you have to prove yourself as someone who actually seeds back before getting some of the more exclusive sounds perfectly reasonable.

    It's not unusual for sites to ban for talking bad about staff. I've never been bogged down by bugs. If you are waiting too long to become a power user you are free to upload new content to the site. There are few sites out there that allow new members to upload.

    Look if 80% of the new members HnR then you are going to be tough and you are going to ban. If you think you received one due to extenuating circumstance go to the help desk or the irc channel. Everyone who joins is told it's a tough tracker to maintain ratio and to take advantage of things like free leech torrents. (Good practice on any site). If you go straight for the torrent you want even though no one else is leeching it then expect some problems with ratio.

    My ratio is over 6 and I have yet to donate. I have also had no issues with staff.

    Don't let a few that don't know how to get started on a site (especially a smaller tougher site) deter you from giving a great site with less common content a try.

  6. Unknown // 8/04/2009 05:19:00 PM  

    Sorry Michael, it's not about talking bad about staff or HnR - it's about those people who are on power trips-
    It's the only site I've ever seen that speaks so horribly to users asking perfectly legitimate questions.

    They change the rules and bitch about people not knowing them - check for yourself, the FAQ & Rules pages still don't match.

    It's a nasty, nasty site with nasty, nasty people.
    They don't appreciate their members at all if you heard how they speak about members behind the scenes you'd understand.
    torrentsrmine sucks!

  7. Unknown // 8/06/2009 05:08:00 AM  

    wow, a few of you here sounds like bitter ex-members who are on powertrips of your own. Last I checked, TRM is NOT a paid service, its free so why bitch about it. As far as I know, sites like TRM is private, they can do whatever they want, thats what private means. If you don't like it, just don't join, go somewhere else, why talk trash about it. There must be some other free sites that offer the same kind of contents as TRM. If you can't find one, why don't you start your own and let other bitter people bitch about your FREE services and see what it feels like to be trashed after you spend enormous time and energy to actually bring such a site online.

    Or better yet, lets shut the whole thing down all together. Would you be happy then? What do you think the other 1600 members will think of you then?

    Whats more strange is that you would know whats happening 'behind the scenes'. Weren't you just a member? Sounds like there is much more than you are letting on.

    For me, I respect the services that TRM provides for FREE, I have never donated or paid them anything, you just gotta know what you are doing

    and for you, go and get some peace, figure out how the real world works, figure out how the internet works and start growing up

  8. Unknown // 8/06/2009 05:09:00 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. Unknown // 8/06/2009 09:49:00 AM  

    Hey Phillip,
    Thanks I forgot to to mention how they are always whining about how they provide a FREE service - DUH! All torrent sites are free. It's just that other sites don't feel the need to constantly bring up that fact in the forums and whine about how they are unappreciated
    I think it would be FABULOUS if the site was brought down - that way uploaders like NewWorld would move to a better, fairer sites worthy of the content he caps.
    I know a lot of former staff there who left voluntarily because they couldn't stand the attitude.
    TorrentsRmine learned nothing from their PeerHub experience.
    Check the forums, although they do remove posts that make them look bad. Cursing at noobs and name calling is never a good idea - they have a horrible reputation with all the decent sites. Rumor has it that they're in it for the money - that's why they force users to donate in order to get access to the exclusive stuff!
    But Good Luck Phil!

  10. Unknown // 8/10/2009 09:28:00 PM  

    First you can't just go to another torrent site for their content. Most of it just isn't available elsewhere.

    You most certainly are not forced to pay. I have never donated. I just seed what I download and am careful.

    First most torrent sites remove posts that talk bad about the site and/or staff. Second one site I am on not only deletes the post but bans the poster.

    Someone who keeps coming back to talk smack about a site but have a personal grudge.

    For potential members no you can't become a member if you don't have experience at private trackers. It's simply a more difficult site to maintain your ratio. Easy to do just takes a little effort on your part so it's just not a good place to learn it.

    As for the staff I am not for staff being nasty to users but I'm also not for users who grab a file and run. And imagine how the uploader feels when they see that the effort they put into capturing that video was for naught because all people did was grab and run. Yeah after a while I'd probably get a pretty pissy attitude.

    As for changing rules I've been on sites that the rules have changed on. Reach a certain level with certain privileges and then they were taken away because requirements changed. It sucks but it's life.

    Seed back what you take and you won't have problems on any site. Simple as that.

  11. Unknown // 8/13/2009 06:07:00 AM  

    They ask for suggestions in the forums and then get pissed off when people dare to make any! They view it as an implication that they're not perfect!

    Total douchebags and not at all PRIVATE!

    Yeah I want to join a 'Private tracker' that uploads their files on all the major sites trying to get people to sign up!

    Yeah, I'll never get caught trading illegal files aka criminal copyright infringement... how could I get caught on a 'private site'?
    a$$holes upload to mininova, fulldls, etc... THAT'S HOW YOU GET CAUGHT!

    HIGHLY visible therefore HIGHLY dangerous!

    I'll just wait till they get taken down and the cappers move on to a better site!

  12. Unknown // 8/15/2009 05:23:00 PM  

    Well if you aren't a member give it a shot and try and download from mininova. Typical behavior of many private trackers. Sparks interest but you still can't download or gather any information because you might have noticed the little "p" off to the right and there is no pid in the .torrent. So there is no information to gather from their stuff on mininova.

    If you scare people away from them with that little rant then people better run away from all the other red "Ps" on mininova too. Oh yeah and mininova itself with all the stuff that is free.

    Problem is you have a vendetta against them so you are coming up with ridiculous excuses. I think it's time for you to move on.

  13. Unknown // 8/15/2009 05:52:00 PM  

    Hey Mike, you seem as knowledgeable as the staff there! LOL!

    You also missed the point!
    People join private sites for privacy - anyone dling from mininova etc is begging to get caught.

    The RIAA et al troll such sites to find trackers... surprise, surprise TorrentsRmine are all over the place and easy to track down because of their high visibility, which jeopardizes their members privacy.

    What the hell kind of private trackers are you on? It's not typical behavior of GOOD private sites - torrentsrmine keeps losing members cause they piss people off and they don't know what they're doing, so they have to troll for new blood. Good private sites get new members through invites by valued members.

    None of the sites I'm on post files on public sites - I'd be outta there like a shot if they compromised MY privacy!

    What part of that do you not understand? A private site isn't 'private' if they post to public trackers.

    DAMN, it's not quantum physics!