This post will hopefully be useful to those who download untouched DVD-R movies, TV shows and documentaries released by groups from the warez scene. As we have mentioned before, all scene releases should conform to a pre specified set of rules if they are not to be nuked (trashed). However you might have already figured out that even sceners do not pre perfect releases - you may have come across DVD-R’s that have out of sync audio, missing menus, missing or out of sync subtitles and various other issues. Did you know that there is a site that indexes all sorts of fixes for such problematic DVDR releases?


DVDRFIXES is a site that offers direct download links to various PROPERs and FiXES for DVD-R’s pred by release groups. Note that this site is not a torrent tracker – it offers direct download links and all files are hosted on the site itself. It should also be noted that DVDRFIXES does not host any movies – only the fixes can be downloaded. Speaking of these so called 'fixes', there are many types of them out there - Syncfix, Subfix, PROPER, PPFFix, Fix, MiscFix. MenuFix, Audiofix, Navfix, Patch, Labelfix, and a whole lot of others. The names may look weird to the average user but these are scene terminology derived as per scene naming rules.

DVDRFixes screen

So far I’ve downloaded quite a few files from this site and haven’t found any nasties (trojans, malware, etc) in any of them. As for instructions on how to use these fixes, they can usually be found in the accompanying NFO file.

Site Name: DVDRFIXES (

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  1. Deeran // 4/07/2009 02:22:00 AM  

    What are some private trackers with a lot of anime?