UPDATE: Scene group RELOADED have cracked the SecuROM DRM embedded into the game.
Original Article: Another good looking PC game has leaked on the internet. An untouched DVD Image (CloneDVD) of Company of Heroes : Tales of Valor has been released by veteran scene group AVENGED. This is the latest installment of Relic’s popular RTS series Company of Heroes which saw the light back in 2006. CoH : Tales of Valor is released as an standalone expansion and does not require the main game to run. The game was officially released to the public on the 9th of April and has been leaked on the same day.

company of heroes tales of valor

COH : Tales of Valor is protected by Sony’s SecuROM DRM (with no online activation).  The protection seems to get bypassed when AVENGED image is used in conjunction with emulation software. However a valid CE Key or serial may be required to access some parts of the game such as online multiplayer. AVENGED release has now made its way into the public, including onto private torrent trackers:

[ Company.of.Heroes.Tales.of.Valor.CLONEDVD-AVENGED ] [ Uploaded first @ ScT 15m 9s after pre, followed by [ TV, RBy, TL, NT, ST, ACE, PTM, SCL, TD] ]

AVENGED are not a group known for cracking anti piracy protections or DRM on PC games. Their specialty is clones, or untouched DVD images of original game. Even though a crack is not included with CloneDVDs, pirates are usually able to play the game by emulating the protection using tools such as Daemon Tools Pro (works with some copy protections only).