There has been a lot of dedicated sports trackers featured in FILEnetworks Blog before but we have never posted about a site that entirely focused on Tennis. is one such specializes Tennis torrent tracker which has a lot of international event (ATP, WTA, etc) videos, highlights, related TV shows and even movies. Even though this is a niche tracker, it has a strong following and is well established in the BitTorrent scene after being online for over a year. Good news is that registrations are open and interested members can now sign up for free. logo

As of 28/4/2009, currently has a user base of 15000+ members (this is a surprisingly large number for a niche tracker). The site also tracks close to 2500 active torrents. Seeding and maintaining a good ratio on this tracker is not that hard – there are tons of free leech and double upload enabled torrents. However in case you need some additional help with ratio building, the integrated karma bonus points system will come in handy.

As for the content, it’s all about Tennis. You can find pretty much anything (both old and new content) related to this sport on The screenshot below captures some of the rare torrents found on this tracker (to get a better idea of what’s available, refer to the categories section towards the end of this article) : screenshot

In addition to the torrents, has a great community. If you’d like to become a part of this community, head over to where the official forums are hosted.

As mentioned at the start of this article signups are currently open. If you are a fan of Tennis, this tracker is a must have. Check it out!

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  • ATP - ATP-2007, ATP-2008, ATP-2009, ATP-Retro
  • WTA - WTA-2007, WTA-2008, WTA-2009, WTA-Retro
  • DOUBLES - Mens Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Womens Doubles
  • International Competitions - Davis Cup, Hopman Cup, Olympics
  • Other - Official Films, TV Shows


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