What’s up with tracker admins these days? Yesterday it was bitGAMER (still open) and LeechersLair (still open) and now CZTeam (CzT) have opened their doors to the public. CZTeam is an excellent, highly sought after general/0day torrent tracker from Romania. Some of you may never have heard about the name ‘CZTeam’ before – that’s because this tracker was previously known as CZONE (they recently changed names). CZTeam retains the huge torrent index and the user base of CZONE and is definitely a great general tracker to be a part of.

Although CZTeam is a Romanian tracker, almost all the content here are English releases. Pre times and download speeds on this tracker are generally very good. As of 15/4/2009, CZTeam tracks 6200+ torrents and has an active user base of 26500+ members. Lots and lots of free leech torrents (no download recorded, only upload counts) can also be found here – for example large torrent packs are usually on free leech.

Speaking of large packs and exclusive releases, there are sh1tloads of these on CZTeam. Out of the 4500 odd torrents currently being tracked, over 650 are releases exclusive to this tracker (exclusive releases can be identified by the ‘CzT’ tag at the end of a torrent title). To get a better idea on torrent packs and exclusive releases available on CZTeam, refer to the screenshot below:

CZONE Screenshot

If you are an English speaking user, you wouldn’t particularly love the interface and layout of CZTeam. From the signup page to browse page everything is written in Romanian and there is no option to switch languages. This however is not a huge problem as all the functions in the main toolbar are labeled in English (the releases or the actual content on CZT are almost all English, as mentioned earlier). For the benefit of English speaking users, CZTeam has setup a subforum titled ‘English Help & Fun Forum’ – you can always get help/chat in English in this section.

Signups for this tracker are currently open. According to site administrators, this will probably be the last public open signup for this tracker:

Wonderful News! CZTeam Tracker decided to open the gates for new users.
This is probably the last free sign up around here so you`d better hurry and spread the news. Inactive accounts are deleted regularly so we recommend you to use them wisely!
Leech, seed, forum/comments activity, having a positive ratio and being a good member makes you the right person for our tracker.
It's not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean therefore...
The Free Sign Up will end shortly

CZTeam is an excellent general tracker and it’s unlikely that you’ll have another open signup for this tracker in the near future. As the notice says open signups won’t last forever so get in while you can.

Site Name: CZTeam (http://torrents.czteam.ro)

Signup URL: http://torrents.czteam.ro/signup.php


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  2. Unknown // 4/15/2009 01:03:00 PM  

    thx for the info. nice looking tracker

  3. Unknown // 4/15/2009 06:08:00 PM  

    I tried to sign up but it keeps telling me"invalid IP address".What should i do?