Do you frequently use cracks or key generators to illegitimately activate or remove limitations of commercial software? If you do, the name ‘TSRh’ might ring a bell. TSRh or ‘The Sabotage Rebellion hackers’ is a release group in the warez scene which was founded back in 1999. By 2009 the group has cracked as many as 10800+ commercial software. Generally, scene groups like to keep their stuff secret and within the scene. This does not seem to be the case with TEAM TSRh – they maintain their own web site along with few FTP servers that contain thousands of their releases, all publicly accessible.


The official homepage of TSRh is located at This page is updated with any new releases pre’d by the group and it even has an RSS feed for new cracks/keygens. The page also hosts the TSRh release checker which is able to verify if a release is real or fake. Believe it or not, you can actually become a member of TSRh through their homepage. For this you’ll have to prove your skills by solving the ‘TSRh Trial KeygenMe’. The following is quoted from their members page:

now, you are a part of the game, too. all your personal qualities have been logged and u can't exit until your death. its game of information... someone call it illegal, someone can't agree with it or tries to deny it, it makes one disappoint, or happy, but cracking force exist without asking for your opinion. the crime of the most enthusiasts is that of curiosity, is that of reversing, is that of willing to know 'how it must be'. and they explore... they change bytes, they unpack, debug and analyze those 'uncrackable routines' you can't even imagine, and it gives them pleasure, it gives them knowledge...

What’s even more interesting is that they have got quite a few members who joined in 2009. With the help of these new recruits, TSRh seems to be invading the mobile scene as well as the MAC scene, in addition to their usual PC appz operations.

And now the part most of you will really be interested in – the FTP servers. TSRh have made a large portion of their crack and key generator releases available on several public FTP servers. Thousands of releases pre’d after the year 2003 are freely downloadable from these locations.

Screen : One of the FTPs listed on TSRh page contains releases by other appz groups such as CIM, SND (Seeek n Destroy), GEAR, FFF and ICU

There are a total of three different servers listed on TSRh mirror’s page. Some require username and password to log in – these are provided on the page itself.

[Click Here] to visit the list of FTP servers page in TSRh official web site

[Click Here] to visit TSRh homepage

[Click Here] for a brief tutorial on how to easily access FTP severs


  1. Unknown // 4/11/2009 10:51:00 AM  

    Awesome. I love all of your posts with FTP sites, and this is no exception. Thanks.

  2. qwertz // 6/28/2009 05:37:00 PM  

    TSRh is not 'warez scene group' group like this are reffered as web cracking groups and they are NOT part of usual as they call it '0day' scene, they dont include actual software to their releases, only cracked files, keygens or patches, they dont release in accordance with 0day scene rules and they DONT pre their releases.. you are deeply mistaken about this stuff .. some other big web crack groups are FFF, SND (, REV ( and others..

  3. TEAM FILEnetworks // 6/28/2009 07:14:00 PM  

    Partly agree with what you say about TSRh being p2p. That part about the article is wrong. But they do sometimes 'pre' on certain sites crack + full software. For example:


  4. qwertz // 7/03/2009 01:47:00 AM  

    Actually im almost absolutely sure that wasnt them who pred that but someone else that simply downloaded their crack and repacked it for a '0day scene' release. Anyways, i like this blog and articles here, i just felt like commenting on this one.. :) keep it up:)

  5. TEAM FILEnetworks // 7/03/2009 02:42:00 AM  

    What you say might be true. And comments are always welcome. Cheers.