We’ve all heard about (and downloaded, of course) DVDRips of movies and TV shows. But have you ever wondered how to rip a DVD? If you thought you need l33t skills to rip a DVD, you are wrong. This is actually a pretty simple task and with software such as Cole2k Media DVD Rip pack things have become much easier. Cole2k media DVD Rip pack is a collection of software programs and utilities with which you’ll be able to create perfect quality DVD Rips. Best thing about this program is that it’s free – and so are all the other apps included in the pack.

DVD rip pack

With the help of included software you’ll be able to perform a wide array of DVD related tasks ranging from ripping to resizing, splitting and merging VOB files. The following programs are included in the DVD rip pack:

  • DVD Decrypter - The finest decrypter on the planet.
  • ImgTool Classic 0.91.7 - A great ISO program for use with DVD Decrypter.
  • DVD Shrink 3.2 - The latest and most compatable version of DVD Shrink
  • DVD Shrink 2.3 - The best solution for large DVD resizing.
  • DVD Shrink 1.03 - The best solution for simple DVD resizing.
  • VOBrator 0.2b - For VOB minipulation.
  • VOBsplitter 2.6 - For VOB splitting.
  • I-Media FileMerger - Great for merging VOB's.
  • Adaptec ASPI 4.71A2 Checker + Installer files.


As mentioned earlier this program is free. It can be freely downloaded from the publisher download page.

[Click Here] to download Cole2k media DVD Rip pack v1.55 from official page


  1. Jhonny Gil // 4/08/2009 03:35:00 AM  

    Amazing! thanks for this!

  2. Sara // 4/10/2009 11:23:00 AM  

    Isn't a DVDRip an AVI file made from a DVD source? I think this software does not make avi files..

    I use AutoGK to convert DVD's to 700 MB or 1400 MB avi's. It's also freeware. http://www.autogk.me.uk/