The past week was not that good for private trackers with major sites such TL and SCC encountering problems. Don't worry – this time around we have some good news regarding two popular private torrent trackers in the BitTorrent scene ; SmokingInTheRain (SITR) and SCL (The Clover). Smoking In The Rain has just upgraded to a brand new shiny new layout while the secret yet popular tracker SCL has launched it’s 3rd phase of expansion. Read on for more details.

S.I.T.R. Upgrades Layout

Readers of this Blog should be familiar with the private torrent tracker Smoking In The Rain (SITR). It’s a general/0day tracker with a good community that’s been around for a while. As we mentioned in our review of this site, SITR used to have a very dated, cluttered and less navigable layout. Fans of the site can now rejoice - SITR has just gone through a complete UI overhaul and it now sports a brand new look.

smoking in the rain

Not only does the site have a new logo but everything from category icons to main toolbar layout has been changed. There is a note posted on site homepage regarding the new updates:


Please take the time to look around and get to know things. There have been MANY changes and I am sure it will take a bit of getting used to. Please take the time to re-read the new FAQ and RULES and see the FORUMS for information on changes.

SITR currently has around 5000 members and tracks close to 2500 torrents. If you want to become a member of this site, signups are currently open.

Site Name: SmokingInTheRain (

Signup URL:

SCL launches 3rd expansion phase

After about a month since their last expansion, SCL (The Clover) has launched the 3rd expansion phase in order to recruit more members. Under this scheme, existing SCL members are given several invites which are only valid for a limited time – members can use these invites during the validity period to invite their friends in.


A note posted on the site regarding the 3rd expansion phase reads as below:

Yes you read it right! SceneLife is expanding once again! With the new peer stats (made by you guys) the new users should have more then enough content available! and hopefully they will join us in the community part of ScL (forums and IRC).

How it works

  • Cadets get 2 invites
  • Privates and higher get 5 invites
  • Start date: Tuesday 24th of March at 19:00 PM
  • End date : Tuesday 7th of April at 19:00 PM


  • You are responsible for your invitee!
  • If we catch you selling, trading, or offering you will get banned No questions asked!
  • Additional information can be found in our Rules section.
    All invites, ALL of them, will be removed after the invite round.

Make sure you read the rules (both expansion related and site rules) carefully.

SCL currently has over 5600 members and tracks close to 4000 torrents. It’s a community based tracker with one of the best looking layouts for a private tracker ever.


  1. Dan // 3/27/2009 02:33:00 AM  
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  2. Danj // 3/27/2009 06:30:00 AM  

    me too, waiting for a ScL invites... thanks!

  3. epicseeds // 3/27/2009 07:24:00 AM  

    Free invites to SCL and free seedbox drawings after 50 idlers @