This week has not been that good for users of private torrent trackers. Two popular General/0Day trackers SceneAccess (SCC) and TorrentLeech (TL) were forced offline for quite a long time (actually they were down for only about a day – but in the world of BitTorrent that’s a long time). Those who were eagerly awaiting the complete return of these beloved trackers can now heave a sigh of relive – both sites are back online and fully functional once again.

Out of these two sites SceneAccess came back online about three days ago – however the site was having trouble with the upload function and as a result no new torrents were uploaded in the past three days. SCC’s upload problem now seems to be sorted and torrents are being uploaded at lighting fast pre times, as usual.

TorrentLeech which was down since yesterday has also returned. At a glance all major site functions including the tracker seem to be working:

Torrentleech tracker

There is also a news item posted on the site related to the downtime:

Due to a serious network related issue with our ISP, TorrentLeech suffered a many hours downtime. The problem is resolved now, and we are taking precautions in order to avoid such downtimes in the future. Because of a needed maintenance after that incident, there is a chance of a very small downtime (only a few minutes) in the coming day. Thank you all for your patience and we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you cannot access the site via, try accessing it via If you are using FireFox, you may not see the captcha – just enter your username and password and you should get in.

In other news dedicated games torrent tracker bitGAMER has also returned after being down for more than a week. Public signups are currently closed – if they open again we will update in our private trackers section, as always.


  1. Unknown // 3/26/2009 09:20:00 PM  

    son of a gun, when is rmvbusters gonna return? :(