We bring you news of four more private torrent trackers that are currently accepting public signups. Restricted-Zone (DVDR Movies), Badbits (Danish/English torrents), Wunza (Movies) and ExtremeShare (General/0Day) trackers are all open for registration as of 18/3/2009. All of these trackers have been reviewed in detail here on FILEnetworks Blog – if you need more information about a certain site, view the associated review link for a detailed description.

1. Restricted-Zone (RoDVD)
Site Name: RoDVD (http://restricted-zone.org/)
Signup URL: http://restricted-zone.org/signup.php
Stats: ~850 torrents
Description: RoDVD is an untouched DVDR tracker which has a lot of English/Romanian movies. Full review can be found here.

2. BadBits
Site Name: Badbits (http://badbits.org)
Signup URL: http://badbits.org/signup.php
Stats: ~670 torrents (recovering after being down)
Description: Badbits is a popular general tracker for Danish/English torrents. Full tracker review with screenshots can be found here.

Site Name: Wunza (http://wunza.ws)
Signup URL: http://wunza.ws/register.php
Stats: 2400+ users and ~350 torrents
Description: Wunza is a gazelle based movie torrent tracker. The site now comes with a cool new layout which is pleasing to the eye.  To know more about the origins of Wunza, refer to this article.

Site Name: ExtremeShare (http://www.extremeshare.org)
Signup URL: http://www.extremeshare.org/tracker/signup.php
Stats: 15000+ torrents and 30000+ users
Description: ExtremeShare is a very underrated general tracker which has lots of users, unique releases and packs. Full review can be found here.