The recently released Empire : Total War is definitely one of the best PC games to be released in quite a while. The game’s huge popularity has given birth to an active modding community just like in previous Total War games. This article features three cool mods currently available for ETW – The Blood Mod, The Smoke Mod and the Sound mod. With these mods enabled you’ll get to play Empire Total War with extra sound effects, enhanced blood and gore animations and better fire and explosion effects.

We’ve summarized the features and download links for each mod below. Improvements made in various version upgrades have been integrated to the features list. Note that all of these mods were created by Mech_Donald of Total War Center Forums – full credit goes to him.

Blood Mod v1.1


  • IMPROVED : Musket hit blood effects reworked (smaller, darker, more realistic)
  • Blood for infantry, hit by cannonball roundshots
  • Blood for infantry, hit by musket bullets!


[Click Here] to download Blood Mod 1.1 from FileFront

Battlefield Smoke Mod Full Version 2.6


  • IMPROVED : better musket hit blood effects (smaller, darker, more realistic)
  • IMPROVED : better explosions of explosive frag grenades (no more fiery sparks, explosion flash added)
  • IMPROVED : ship onboard fire reworked
  • IMPROVED : smoke of ship on fire reworked
  • better musket fire
  • better musket smoke effects
  • long-lasting, ascending battlefield smoke
  • better cannon fire effects
  • better ground hit effects for cannonball and explosive ammunition
  • ship cannon fire effects much improved
  • blood effects enabled for roundshot hits


[Click Here] to download Smoke Mod 2.6 Full version from FileFront

Battlefield Sound Mod


  1. 7 different marching fifes and drums songs
  2. musket sounds with more bass
  3. cannon fire sounds with more bass
  4. puckle gun sounds with more bass


[Click Here] to download Sound Mod from FileFront

The original TWCF thread on this topic can be found here. Lite versions of some of the mods and alternative download links along with latest updates and user experiences can be found on this thread.

How to enable the mods in Empire Total War

Now that you’ve downloaded the mods, you might be wondering how to import them into the game. Simply place them in your ETW data folder in Steam client directory:

  1. Remove any older versions of Smoke mod, Blood mod or Sound mod if you have them installed.
  2. Download the files. UnRAR them using WinRAR or Winzip 11+
  3. Exacted files will have the .pack extension – you need to place these in the Steam data folder for ETW. Default is C:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\empire total war\data 

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