Last month was a good one for BitTorrent downloaders who are fans of Wrestling. Lots of good Wrestling/MMA trackers opened public registrations and most of these were featured on FILEnetworks Blog. Here is some even more good news for Wrestling torrent fans – World Wrestling Torrents (WWT) is a new private torrent tracker specializing in wrestling content. It is the first dedicated wrestling tracker based on the new Gazelle codebase.

world wrestling torrents

There are no heavy customizations done to the Gazelle script utilized – the layout of WWT is basically the same as the layout of an out of the box Gazelle tracker. Either way WWT has a strong user base of around 4000 members which is good when it comes to a relatively new niche tracker. However the number of indexed torrents is not so impressive – currently there are only around 60 torrents online. IMHO they need to focus on adding more torrents to the tracker as the torrent count has been going up pretty slowly over the past few weeks.

As for the content on WWT, it tracks both scene and non scene content related to Wrestling (see full torrent category list towards the end of article). Among the torrents indexed are some packs which are worth checking out:

WWT packs

Currently the site is open for public registrations. Every new user gets two invites as well as 2GB free upload credit upon joining. Note that open signups will close on the 5th of April 2009.

Site Name: 

Signup URL: (Open registrations will close on the 5th of April, 2009)

Torrent Categories:

  • TNA-Impact
  • Raw
  • ECW
  • Documentary
  • Classic
  • Matches
  • Misc
  • Smackdown
  • UFC
  • ROH
  • Japan
  • WWE-Heat
  • WCW-Thunder
  • WCW-Nitro
  • MMA
  • Indy

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