A new version of Orbit Downloader has been released. This is an excellent free application that’ll allow you to download files not only from HTTP, FTP protocols but also from social video sites, one click hosting sites and even via streaming protocols such as RTSP/MMS. Latest version of Orbit downloader (v2.8.6) includes several minor bugfixes over the previous build.

orbit downloader

Personally, this is one of my favorite applications. Oribit downloader eliminates the need to have several different programs installed in order to download files from various social media sites and one click hosting sites. As of 1/3/2009, Orbit downloader supports over 35 online services including (but not limited to YouTube, Yahoo! Music, Google Video, Veoh and more. Another good aspect of this download manager is its size – the setup is only 2.15MB and even when its running in the background, takes very little amount of resources.


  • Download social music, social video and streaming media
  • Extreme download acceleration.
  • Super Light: micro-sized and resource-friendly
  • Support RapidShare download.
  • Support IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera.
  • Support Metalink download.
  • Support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP and RTMP protocols.
  • Support Proxy server configuration.
  • Support download pasue and resume.
  • General download management.
  • Grab Pro - Download RTMP protocol video
  • Download e-mail and forum attachments with great speed!
  • More Efficient mirrors selection algorithm and faster download sources!
  • Download social music and video include Youtube, Pandora, Myspace easily
  • Support all streaming media protocol include RTMP/ MMS/ RTSP
  • Support all popular browsers include Firefox 3

For a list of social video and other services supported by Orbit and for tutorials and how-to’s, please visit our previous article


Version 2.8.6 has now been released to the public and you can download it for free. Orbit downloader is free of adware, spyware or any other crapware.

[Click Here] to download Orbit Downloader 2.8.6 from Download.com (2.15MB)


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