After posting several niche torrent trackers in the last few days, today we have a General/0Day tracker. RoTorrent (RoT) is a Romanian private tracker which has lots of English scene and p2p releases. This includes movies, music, mobile appz, E-books, games and other general content. RoT is a relatively new site which has only been around for several months but a nice little community of BitTorrent users has already been formed around this tracker.


One of the first things you’ll notice with RoTorrent is that it has four different torrent indexes (browse pages);  One for general content, one for adult content, one for music and another for mobile content. Altogether around 1200 active torrents are currently being tracked by RoT.

Speaking of the content, RoT tracks the usual stuff that can be found on most general trackers. They however do have quite a few exclusive releases and packs in addition to common scene and p2p releases. Note that most of the DVDR releases on this tracker contain the ‘RoSub’ tag on title – this only means that release comes with optional Romanian subtitles, not that it’s dubbed in Romanian.

ROT Packs

As you can see from the above screenshot, most of the packs on RoT have free leech and double upload enabled – these torrents are perfect for ratio building. Pre times and download speeds on RoT are average.

Another positive fact about RoT is that it seems to be managed by the right people. I’ve seen one of the admins taking the trouble to gather user opinions & feedback on how the tracker could be improved, etc on various BitTorrent forums. Having an admin who takes user opinions seriously is always a good thing for a private tracker.

If you are interested, the site is currently open for registrations. It was closed to the public some time ago and there is no guarantee till when the open signups will continue. Check it out.

Site Name: RoTorrent (

Signup URL: