RELOADED are back with another cracked SecuROM protected title. This time it’s the licensed game of the 2008 movie Wanted. Wanted : Weapons of Fate continues the story of Wesley Gibson after the event of the movie. RELOADED are a veteran group from the warez scene who are well known for cracking SecuROM (among other anti piracy measures). It seems that this game was using the regular version of the DRM and not SecuROM PA component – the part that enforces online activation.

wanted weapons of fate pc cover 

RELOADED’s release consist of a full DVD ISO of the game, a cracked executable and the release NFO. It has already leaked all over the place, including onto private torrent trackers:

[ Wanted.Weapons.Of.Fate-RELOADED ] [ Uploaded first SCC 2m 58s after pre, followed by [ ScT, GFT, TV, PTM, TL, NT, TGB, HT, SCL, TD, THB, RBy, TB, CT ] ]

Source: Torrent-Racers IRC Channel

Unlockable characters and costumes

The following unlockable characters and costumes are available in the XBOX360 version of the game. They can be unlocked using the following code/effect. It is unknown if they still work on the PC version (worth a shot):

  • Wesley - Starting Outfit / Playable Through Story
  • Wesley Special Suit - Unlocked with Code 01100001
  • Wesley Special Suit without Mask - Unlocked with Code 01000011
  • Cross - Playable Through Story / Unlocked with Code 01010100
  • The Immortal - Beat the Game
  • The Original Spider - Beat the Spider Boss Battle
  • Janice - Unlocked with Code 01000100
  • Nightmare - Beat the game on Close Combat mode
  • Airplane Bodyguard - Beat the game on Headshot Mode / Unlocked with Code 01010111

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