Several years ago, almost all movie rips circulating on the internet were those released by groups in the warez scene. This scenario is now different; over past few years popularity of p2p technologies such as BitTorrent have increased and this has given birth to entirely p2p based releasers and crackers, forming the p2p scene. The subject of this article, Superfundo, is a public BitTorrent index which indexes a lot of movie rips by p2p rippers such as aXXo, KLAXXON, FXG, FxM, leetay, iPAPULA, DEViSE and many more.

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Unlike private torrent trackers that are frequently featured here on FILEnetworks Blog, SuperFundo does not operate its own BitTorrent tracker. Torrents indexed on this site use external public trackers such as the one from ThePirateBay. One of the advantages SuperFundo has over other public torrent sites is the low number of fakes present. I’ve used the site for around an year so far and none of my downloads have turned out to be fakes, not yet anyways.

As mentioned above SuperFundo is a movie torrent index. It however does not only index scene releases like some private trackers. If you are looking for some of the finest p2p rips of movies around, this is a great place to find them. Rips by following p2p rippers/releasegroups are indexed at SuperFundo:

  • aXXo
  • DEViSE
  • FXG
  • FxM
  • greenbud
  • NewArtRiot
  • nHaNc3
  • RoCK
  • DragonRipper
  • iPAULA
  • kidzcorner
  • leetay
  • maelstrom
  • Rod
  • SecretMyth
  • VixenOfVenus

You can either search for a specific release or can simply view a list of newly released movies along with ripper names on SuperFundo homepage:

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SuperFundo, being a public torrent index, seems to be mainly funded by advertising – the site has lots of advertisements, some of them adult in nature. Anyways if you use public torrent trackers, SuperFundo should be a good resource of you. Even if you are a private torrent tracker user, this site still might come in handy since most private trackers do not index rips by p2p rippers.

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SMS Updates: Yes. SuperFundo’s RSS Feed is compatible with SMS Updates. Read how to set up free SMS updates on new torrent releases in this article.


  1. Unknown // 4/01/2009 07:00:00 PM  

    this site is very reliable. I have never come across any fakes, they do a good job on filtering.