Microsoft have released v2.0 of heir Web Platform Installer suite. This is a useful utility for both students and professionals who are interested in developing web applications. Web Platform Installer basically integrates several web development tools and technologies together so that you don’t need to waste time downloading various apps and frameworks scattered in several dozen places. Note that this is a web setup – only the components you select will be downloaded over the web.

web platform installer

What's included

  • Popular Web Apps - Install free popular ASP.NET and PHP web apps such as DotNetNuke and WordPress.
  • .NET Framework - Install the latest version of the .NET Framework. This includes everything you need to work with ASP.NET.
  • IIS and Extensions - Install the latest version of IIS, including latest IIS Web extensions like IIS Media Services.
  • SQL Server  - Install the latest version of SQL Server 2008 Express. This includes both the database engine and tools.
  • Visual Web Developer - Install the latest version of Visual Web Developer Express, Our full featured free web development tool.
  • Extra and Goodies  - In addition to everything above, the Web PI also includes the latest community version of PHP for Windows.

Note that there are more downloads available other than the ones listed above. This includes CMS, DB management tools and more.


All download links are direct links that point to official Microsoft servers. No 3rd party links are given.

[Click Here] to download Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 Beta