We are back with another collective open signup update – this post presents summarized details of 9 private BitTorrent trackers that are currently open for signup. Notable sites featured in this update include RmvBusterS – an RMVB movies tracker, POiNTX – a music tracker, ScareThe.Net – a Horror tracker, TTOKTV – kids tracker and several other sites including some of the new Gazelle based trackers recently featured on FILEnetworks Blog. If you missed these sites when they were posted earlier, here is your second chance for free registration.

Site Name: RmvBusterS (http://rmvbusters.pl)
Signup URL - English: http://rmvbusters.pl/signup_key.php?lang=en
Signup URL – Polish : http://rmvbusters.pl/signup_key.php?lang=pl
Stats: ~9000 users and 7600 torrents
Note: Rmvbusters is celebrating their 3rd birth day – 3X upload and entire site on free leech.
Description: This is a private tracker dedicated to movies and TV shows in RMVB format. To know more about this file format and the tracker, please refer to full review located here.

Site Name: Point X (http://share.pointx.ro)
Signup URL: http://share.pointx.ro/signup.php
Stats: 2000+ torrents and 4750+ users
Description: POiNTX is a music torrent tracker – a relatively new on at that. You may find more information and screenshots in this article. They’ve switched to a cool layout since our last post.

Site Name: The Scene (http://thescene.ro/)
Signup URL: http://thescene.ro/signup.php
Stats: 550+ active torrents
Description: TheScene is another music torrent tracker that’s shown good progress over the last few months. For full torrent category details and screenshots, refer to this article.

PTFiles (ptf)
Site Name: PTFiles (http://ptfiles.org/)
Signup URL: http://ptfiles.org/register.php
Stats: ~3500 users and 2300+ torrents
Description: PTFiles is a  General/0Day tracker with a great community. They have something called crazy hours during which you get 3X upload and freeleech on torrents. More information about this tracker can be found here.

Site Name: ScareThe.Net (http://scarethe.net)
Signup URL: http://scarethe.net/signup.php
Stats: 1140+ users and ~750 torrents
Description: Scarethe.Net is a Swedish horror tracker with English content. Full tracker review can be found here.

The Tao of Kids TV (TTOKTV)
the tao of kids tv
Site Name: The Tao Of Kids TV (http://www.ttoktv.com/)
Signup URL: http://www.ttoktv.com/signup.php
Stats: 9700+ users and ~920 torrents
Description: TTOKTV is one of the largest kids trackers out there. Lots and lots of children’s TV torrents. More info here.

Site Name: ICTorrent (http://www.ictorrent.com)
Signup URL: http://www.ictorrent.com/forums/register.php
Stats: 10300+ members
Description: ICTorrent is a new and promising Bollywood/Hindi/Indian tracker. There was a recent review of this site posted on FILEnetworks Blog – you can read it here.

World Wrestling Torrents (WWT)
Site Name: World Wrestling Torrents (http://worldwrestlingtorrents.net)
Signup URL: http://worldwrestlingtorrents.net/register.php
Stats: 4000+ users
Description: WWT is a Gazelle based Wrestling tracker. Full review can be found here.

Site Name: JuicyBitz (http://juicybitz.net)
Signup URL: http://juicybitz.net/register.php
Stats: ~575 users and ~60 torrents
Description: JuicyBitz is a brand new retro games tracker that’s based on Gazelle codebase. A few days ago we posted a full review of this tracker which can be accessed by this link.


  1. Yarbs // 3/28/2009 07:08:00 PM  

    Slim Pickings :-(

  2. Anonymous // 4/10/2009 05:35:00 AM  

    We now have 859 Enabled Users, 102 torrents,lighting fast downloads, excellent friendly forum.
    More catagories on the horizon,point system, game sytem, lotto and competitions as well as more torrents day by day.


  3. Unknown // 12/20/2012 12:53:00 PM