Pirates crack ‘The Last Remnant’ (PC)

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 3/18/2009 | | 0 Comments »

Scene group RELOADED have cracked and leaked The Last Remnant, an RPG game published by Square Enix. RELOADED’s release has made its way into public domain even before the game’s official release date – Last Remnant is scheduled to be released on the 20th in EU (Europe), 24th in NA (North America) and 9th of April in Japan. The game was protected by Valve’s Steam content distribution mechanism but RELOADED appears to have either cracked or bypassed the protection in this release.


The following shows how quick private torrent trackers began tracking RELOADED’s release after it was first pre’d on scene topsites:

[ The.Last.Remnant-RELOADED ] [ Uploaded first ScT 7m 22s after pre, followed by [TL, BH, PTM, SCC, RBy, NT, TPB, ACE, AL, DH, TD, TB, ST] ]

Source: Torrent-Racers IRC Channel

Speaking of the game I have neither played nor viewed any trailer/review of the game so cant really comment on the gameplay. If you are an RPG fan, it might be a title worth checking out.