Pirates crack World in Conflict : Soviet Assault

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 3/11/2009 | | 0 Comments »

A little late on this update but this is to let you know that scene group ViTALiTY released World in Conflict : Soviet Assault a few hours ago. World in Conflict : Soviet Assault is an expansion pack for the popular 2007 RTS game ‘World in Conflict’. Note that Soviet Assault is not a standalone expansion – you need the original game in order to play this one. As the name suggests, you get to play as the Soviets in the expansion.

world in conflict soviet assault

Although the title of this article says 'pirates ‘crack’ WIC, ViTALiTY release does not contain a cracked exe. Instead they’ve provided the latest update to the original game as well as a serial number for the expansion which is all pirates need to get this release working.

As usual, the leaked version has already spread to private torrent trackers:

[ World.in.Conflict.Soviet.Assault-ViTALiTY ] [ Uploaded first @ ScT 5m 16s after pre, followed by [SCC, TV, RBy, TL, TGB, TBy, NT, HT, TB, TD, A4N] ]

If you loved the original, chances are that you’ll like the expansion since it continues the same  formula with enhanced graphics and new gameplay elements. Should be great for multiplayer as well.