After several Steam released titles we have a DRM enabled PC game. And what has RELOADED done with it? They’ve cracked the hell out of it as usual. Red Alert 3 : Uprising is an standalone expansion to last year’s real time strategy game Red Alert 3. (standalone expansion means that you do not need original RA3 to play this). As with most recently released EA games, Uprising is (or rather ‘was’) protected by SecuROM DRM. Unlike its predecessor, this expansion is only distributed digitally – there is no retail version of the game.

red aler t 3 uprising cover

RELOADED’s NFO contains details related to the game’s digital-only distribution and the contents of their release:

This version is not retail in that it is not for sale in any brick and
mortar store. But as you see the DVD image is exactly like any EA retail.

RELOADED have released the full game files in the form of an ISO image, a key generator that is seemingly capable of generating valid serials and CD keys for Red Alert 3 Uprising as well as a cracked executable with SecuROM protection removed. SecuROM API allows developers to insert triggers (checks) at various points in game and if triggered these mess up a critical part of the game, usually rendering the game unplayable. It is still unknown if RA3 : Uprising had any SecuROM triggers or if RELOADED managed to remove all of them (if any). Note that it was this very same group who cracked the original Red Alert 3 in last December which was also protected using SecuROM.

RELOADED release (Command.And.Conquer.Red.Alert.3.Uprising-RELOADED) which is around 5.1GB in size has made its way from scene topsites to private torrent trackers, one click hosting sites and so on.

What new features are there in Red Alert 3 Uprising?

From what I know, the following are the main new features introduced in Uprising expansion:

  • Four new campaigns – 4 new mini campaigns each with 4 new single players missions
  • Eleven deadly new over-the-top units - 11 new units from the Soviets, Allies, and Empire of the Rising Sun, such as the Cryo Legionaire, the Steel Ronin, and the Desolator!
  • The biggest cast ever in a C&C expansion - 30 more minutes of high-definition video.
  • Challenge the Commanders, conquer the world - Fight for world domination in the all-new Commander’s Challenge mode! Do you have what it takes to withstand the brutal onslaught and relentless taunting of the world’s toughest commanders? Find out as you attempt to conquer the world in 50 challenges featuring up to 30 hours of additional gameplay!
  • Skirmish Maps - 30 new Skirmish maps

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