How many HD torrent trackers does China have? I don’t think anyone knows the correct answer. However, we seem to run into a new Chinese private tracker for HD content every other day. What’s cool about these sites is that they aren’t just stubs with a few members and a handful torrents. These are fully fledged torrent trackers with strong user bases and content rich torrent indexes. For example ChinaHDTV, the site we are featuring today, has nearly 15k members even though it’s not a site you hear about every day. ChinaHDTV is a private torrent tracker for high definition content. It tracks movies, TV shows, music videos and documentaries, majority English releases. In addition to the usual uploads found on most HD trackers, ChinaHDTV has an interesting section (which is just starting up) for 720p MP4 video optimized for the Apple iPad .


With over 14700 registered users and nearly 2500 active torrents in its index, ChinaHDTV is a decently sized private tracker. And the fact that it’s taken them less than three months to reach this state makes it even more impressive. Leecher activity on most of the indexed torrents is excellent with popular releases usually having 50+ seeds each. Download speeds too are pretty good on this site.

As mentioned earlier ChinaHDTV tracks high definition content. This includes movies, music videos, TV shows and documentaries. Majority of available releases are English and are pre’d by renowned scene and P2P groups. Apart from English (United States and European releases) content, you can find movies and TV shows from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and other regions on this tracker. Most of the video files are obtained from Blu-ray, HD DVD, MiniBD (variant of Blu Ray Disk), HDTV or DVDR media sources (untouched or ripped) and usually have excellent video quality. If the translation I read on their homepage is correct, ChinaHDTV will soon ramp up its iPad TV shows section with uploads by an internal release group.

ChinaHDTV Tracker

Being a China based private tracker built on NexuxPHP script, ChinaHDTV by default has a Chinese language interface. You do have the option to switch to English but we recommend you use Google’s Chrome’s built in translation to automatically translate the site to English.

How to translate CCFBits to English with Google Chrome

  1. Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome browser from here.
  2. Visit ChinaHDTV signup page through this link:
  3. Once the page is done loading, Google Chrome will automatically display several translation options (the message will be displayed just beneath the address bar – you can’t miss it).
  4. Choose the auto detected settings (should be Chinese Simplified Hans to English) and hit translate. If you get the message  ‘Translation failed due to server error’ keep re-trying.
  5. Once translation of the first page is done, you can configure Google Chrome so that it automatically translates all CHTDV pages without prompting you. Select the ‘Options’ button (in the translation help popup) and select ‘Always translate Chinese Simplified Hans to English’ from the drop down menu.

Signups for ChinaHDTV are currently open. This is usually a closed community but the doors will be open between 31st of July to 9th August only (or until the site reaches 20k users, whichever comes first).

Site Name: ChinaHDTV (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to buzi li for the heads up.

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