Several weeks ago we posted an article on the launch of PTN v2, the latest major site overhaul of the popular ratio free movie torrent tracker. PTN v2 added lots of new features to the site, at the same time upgrading its visual styles to the next level. However, the tracker was closed to the public at the time we made the post – potential new members who wanted to get a taste of the new user interface, enhancements and features had no way of getting in. If you were one of them, good news is that PTN has opened invite applications for the first time since v2 launch. Sitewide 2X gold raid (something similar to double upload) has also been activated and there couldn’t be a better time to join if you haven’t done so already.


After handing out invites to existing members in their ‘Invite-A-Friend’ weekend, PTN have gone ahead and opened the invite applications to the public for a week. They are clearly in a mode of recruitment and expansion (which is a good thing). Quoted below is part of the news item posted on homepage:

I just like to keep you all informed as to what is going on in our Pirate City.
The Invite a Friend weekend is officially over.  Well what a huge success it was and we would like to give all our new members a huge welcome to PtN and we hope your stay is an enjoyable one
For those arriving late, we opened Invite Apps for a week, so get your friends over to the invite app page if you missed the invite last weekend, it will be open till Sunday night, then the doors shut for housekeeping after that.

PTN currently tracks 13000+ torrents and has an active user base of ~3500 members. If you still haven’t seen what changes and new features were introduced in PTN v2, we strongly recommend you read this article. It includes screenshots and a summarized list of new additions introduced in v2.

In the meantime, you can apply for an invite by filling in the online application form. If your request is accepted, you will be invited in to the tracker by staff. During the current phase, invite apps will remain open till Sunday (22nd).

Site Name: PTN

Invite Applications URL: http://*********.***/comeandplay.php (do not use ‘www’ in the address)

Note: Posting of full tracker URL or name is prohibited by PTN rules. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

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  1. test // 8/20/2010 02:54:00 PM  

    Profile links to my 2 most used non-torrent community sites? What do they need that for? More like

  2. Andrew // 8/20/2010 03:21:00 PM  

    @test This is required to ensure you can be active member of PTN community. PTN doesn't want any leeching lurkers, forum is an important part of it too.

  3. adi // 8/20/2010 06:34:00 PM  

    how do i go to that site if the address is not given....!i mean to the application invite url....please help

  4. adi // 8/20/2010 06:35:00 PM  

    plaese help me how do i fill the invite form

  5. derek // 8/20/2010 06:38:00 PM  

    gooooogle the bold part n walla

  6. Anonymous // 8/20/2010 07:46:00 PM  

    I am a member of a lot of sites.. I have never had to give SO much private information just to be considered for a site.. Four sites of torrents and two non torrents... AND they want all your private info and will kick you out if you , god forbid , blur out private data... I have more than four sites of torrents with 2+ tb up and 2+ Terabyest down but i do not want to give all my private info .... Best of luck to those that do..

  7. TUSHAR // 8/20/2010 10:07:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  8. D // 8/21/2010 12:20:00 AM  

    this app just goes way too far. There are Many other ways that they could ensure members are active in forums and they are the Only tracker I have ever seen that demands this degree of personal information. It's not worth it.

  9. Anonymous // 8/21/2010 01:03:00 AM  

    Absolutely ridiculous application. If the community is good people will participate in it no matter how much or how little they participate in other online communities. If I have 2000+ posts on a forum it's because I enjoy the community - it doesn't mean that wherever I go I will post 2000 times.

  10. zoomby // 8/21/2010 06:49:00 AM  


    shhhh u r not allowed to speak truth.

    And when some one say be active on forum he means plz spam about sh!t(like music u r listing etc) which really no one care about

  11. evil // 8/21/2010 07:56:00 AM  

    I agree with the above comments about the 2 "non-torrent community sites"

    And what if I don't use any other forums than the ones within the trackers I use ??
    Or if the only one I use is, say, Facebook, like many peeps I know...Then what?

    @Haribo & Zoomby:
    Good point guys, this part of the application makes no sense at all, you can be very active on a Gardeners forum and not be active at all on PTN forums, unless they have a Gardening thread LoL

  12. Ankur // 8/21/2010 10:00:00 AM  

    @Evil thanks for ur concern but i already make an account

  13. tuti // 8/21/2010 02:22:00 PM  

    @evil we never choose to accept/reject users based upon a certain answer to a particular question. Some users just come straight and say that they don't want to share their personal information and we fully respect that. Others say that they are no really into blogs or forums and that's OK too. The important thing is that you'll be straight and honest, the application itself is examined as a whole.

    Profile links are used to determine how active is the applicant. It has never, until now, been used to ban anyone from a different site. Besides, cross-sites checks can be done by IP.

    I personally think that the staff at PtN are one of the most kind, helpful and trust-able staff you'll meet anywhere.

    Good luck guys if you decide to apply.

  14. PJCman2001 // 8/26/2010 06:38:00 AM  


    open signup ..... HURRY ALLL!!!