With the rising popularity of Blu Ray disks along with high definition video formats, dedicated HD torrent trackers have become some of the most sought after torrent sites within the BitTorrent community. No matter how many different HD trackers we feature on this blog – it simply does not seem to be enough to meet the demand :p For those of you who are looking to be part of a new private tracker with high definition video content, here’s another decent choice; HDBT. HDBT is a Polish HD tracker which indexes 720p/1080p TrueHD video obtained from Blu Ray source (mind you, these torrents are huge in file size), x264 encoded video including TV, movies, Anime, Documentaries, etc and even some high quality lossless music tracks and music videos. HDBT recently celebrated its 2nd year of being online and the site currently has open signups and free leech plus 2X upload on many indexed torrents.

HDBT Tracker

Although HDBT hasn't been making a lot of noise in the BT community, the site has slowly but surely attracted quite a few dedicated members. There’s a fair amount of leeching going on and most of the indexed torrents are pretty active. Thanks to double upload and free leech on some of the uploads, building and maintaining a ratio on this site has become easier. As of 31/08/2010, HDBT tracked 1550+ active torrents in its database.

HDBT Audio

You might have noticed that HDBT is a ‘Polish’ HD tracker. Does this mean it only tracks non English content local to Poland? Not really. If you are from an English speaking nation you’d still find this tracker useful. Most of the releases uploaded to HDBT (including the ones with Polish Flag), have multi language audio. They usually have both English and Polish audio feeds and you can choose whichever you like during playback. Just check the AUDIO section in torrent description page to see the list of audio feeds embedded in a particular release. As mentioned earlier HDBT tracks TrueHD Blu Ray video, high fidelity x264 encodes and even lossless music and HQ music videos. Some of these releases are of course unique and exclusive to this tracker. A screenshot showing part of the torrent index at HDBT can be seen below:

HDBT Index

If you are interested in joining HDBT, signups are currently open. On a side note, the site has one of the simplest registration forms I’ve ever seen on a private tracker. Either way it’s not known till when the open registrations will continue so get in while you can.

Site Name: HDBT (http://hdbt.eu)

Signup URL: http://hdbt.eu/signup.php


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    Thanks a lot! It's great.

  2. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 06:56:00 AM