Some of you might remember, a direct download link forum which we recently featured. DCMovie was a niche forum which offered downloads to hundreds of Disney cartoons as well as original Disney movies. While the site was an excellent resource for cartoon & live action series fans, it unfortunately ran into troubled waters sometime last month. DCMovie’s forum (which contained all the download links) was removed from it’s previous domain and was forced to move to a temporary host. Thankfully, this rather unstable arrangement (they were hosted on Byet, a free hosting provider) did not continue for long – DCMovie finally found a new, more stable home and moved under the wings of Classic Nick Shows aka CNS (as we have mentioned before, CNS is a veteran DDL forum that specializes in all Nickelodeon shows). With the recent merger, CNS has now become a one stop resource for those looking to download both Nick and Disney shows.

Classic Nick Shows

Out of these two forums, Classic Nick Shows is probably the older and more popular site. It’s part of a network of cartoon related forums, BitTorrent trackers (afaik, they are affiliated with Neptoons tracker) and IRC channels and has a very experienced group of staffers behind its operations. CNS currently has over 6500 registered members and indexes over 2500 releases. Although smaller than CNS in several aspects, DCMovie too was a strong community back when it was online. At last check, the site had over 1500 registered members and indexed around 1000 Disney shows including movies, cartoons and live action series (to see how DCMovie looked when it was online, read this post).

With the merger, CNS has now become ‘the’ place to download both Nick and Disney shows. CNS’s downloads section which already indexed several hundred live action shows, cartoons and game shows aired on Nickelodeon network has received a boost with the migration. Almost all the releases posted at DCMovie which included Disney channel original movies (DCOMs), Disney toons and live action series have now been moved to CNS’s new Disney downloads section. A screenshot showing part of the forum index at CNS can be seen below:

CNS Download Section

Note that the downloads sections are only visible for registered members. Speaking of registration, if you don’t already have an account you can always create one now as the site is open for signup.

Site Name: Classic Nick Shows (

Registration URL:

Note that if you were an old DCMovie member, you’ll still have to create a new account as user accounts were not migrated to CNS.

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    What happened to The Horror Charnel invites? When are they going to come?

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    Go to the THC giveaway and read the last comment there. Please use that thread to discuss the issue further.

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    bad site don't go here

  6. bruckwine // 8/21/2010 09:24:00 AM  

    CNS is a great site and yes foxkids and then neptoons was started by the same ppl who run here :)

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    hey can you change the link to where are not located at .info anyh more

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    Hey can you change the link to we re located thanks.