Some quick info for existing ScienceHD members and would be members. ScienceHD is hosting one of their IRC weekends from the 27th Friday and 29th Sunday. Everyone who logs into their IRC channel during this time stand the chance to win Sci-HD invites, VIP accounts, bonus credits and more. For those of you who haven’t heard about this tracker before, SHD is a specialized tracker for documentaries and science fiction TV shows. From premium documentary series aired on The History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc to latest Sci-Fi entertainment series such as LOST, this tracker indexes quite a lot of torrents, most not found on other torrent sites. In case you still haven’t become a member, ScienceHD is partially open to the public via invite applications.

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Coming back to the topic at hand, the full announcement regarding the IRC weekend is posted blow (quoted from site homepage):

It's time for another IRC Weekend! Think of it like a big SciHD party in IRC! There'll be prizes, competitions, and cake! Here are the details:

  • Starting noon GMT, Friday August 27, and running until midnight GMT, Sunday August 29.
  • If we reach 100 users in IRC: global freeleech for two days, plus everyone gets credits just for being there!
  • If we reach 200 users in IRC: global freeleech for a week, plus everyone gets even more credits!
  • Live trivia
  • Poker
  • UNO
  • Random giveaways and drawings
  • SciHD Radio contests

We have literally millions of credits to give out over the weekend. Not only that, but we've decided to give out invitations and VIP slots as well! Some will be given out by us, but others will be left up to you to vote on! So save the date, and come hang out!

IRC channel details and the secret key for the channel can be obtained from the news post on ScienceHD homepage.

ScienceHD currently tracks over 5300 active torrents and is home to 2000+ registered users. If you seek more information on SHD, the nature of the content it tracks or screenshots, we suggest you read our previous reviews located here and here. Everything there’s to be said about this tracker has already been mentioned on those articles. On the other hand if you are seeking to becoming a new member, you can apply for an invite via the online invite application – use the link below (more info on invite apps may be found here)

Site Name: ScienceHD (
Invite Application URL:
Twitter Feed:

Special thanks to DeeSeven and Shoomer for the heads up.


  1. PJCman2001 // 8/26/2010 06:39:00 AM  


    open signup ..... HURRY ALLL!!!

  2. worldprotection // 2/24/2011 10:43:00 AM  

    The World Protection Group ensures the safety of VIPs. We are specialized in Executive Protection, Corporate Security, Personal Protection, VIP Protection etc VIP Protection