If you use a USB flash drive or a portable hard drive, you are likely to have come across viruses that spread via such media. I’ve had many experiences with these pests - no matter how good your anti virus software is, some of these just manage to penetrate all shields to bite you in the ass. And when one of them does, all your portable media are at risk of getting infected– it could be your flash drive, portable hard drive, your phone’s memory card, your digital camera’s memory stick, etc. If you are annoyed by viruses that spread via USB based removable media, here’s a security solution you can try. USB Security Utilities is a free set of tools that can safeguard your portable storage media from viruses, trojans and other malware (and it can be used with your resident anti virus scanner as well).

USB Security Utilities

USB Security Utilities uses several layers of protection to ensure maximum security for your media. First and foremost it uses good old virus signature based scans to look for most common viruses that spread via USB devices – these scans have to be run manually – this software does not have a memory resident scanning module. Additionally, it scans for techniques commonly used by most viruses such as an exploited autorun.inf file or executables placed inside every folder and subfolder of the drive. USU can also protect your data by immunizing the portable device using it’s ‘Vaccine’ tool (this will prevent suspicious files from being copied to your USB).

All of this functionality is integrated into a single, easy to use interface. Note that the program may switch to Spanish on first launch – to change interface language to English, switch to the rightmost tab and hit the ‘English’ button. Also, I noticed that it does not place a desktop or a start menu shortcut – you have to run the exe from the install location to run in.


You can download USB Security Utilities from the official download page. The tool is free and does not include any form of adware.

[Click Here] to download the latest version of USU. The page is in Spanish, but the download link should easily be identifiable.


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