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When it comes to BitTorrent related articles, we usually bring you good news such as the launch of new trackers or open signups of existing ones. However, today is not one of those days and the news we have is not so good if you are a fan of BitTorrent. One of the few Mac trackers on the planet, Save The Coratee (STC), has shut down its operations possibly for good. Needless to say this is a critical blow to the Mac torrent tracker scene which is now left with only 1-2 specialized trackers such as Brokenstones or Mac-Torrents. STC’s decision to shut down was sudden and left a lot of their users wondering what happened to the tracker as it disappeared overnight. While there were no announcements displayed on the now defunct site, their official Twitter account offered some explanation as to what happened to the site.


Quoted below are two status updates Tweeted by

Sorry guys and no we were not shut down. The site just could not be maintained any more :(

    StC is officially closed. I apologize for the lack of warning. There has been a creation of a non-official replacement site. :( & <3

    The unofficial site they mention is – a spin off site started by an ex staff member of StC (currently closed for signups). In the meantime, we’ve seen some interesting offers from other trackers intending to take over StC operations. For example. Awesome-HD, a leading HD tracker, made such an offer over Twitter:

    @Coratee Hey, are you guys interested in us taking over operations? We'd love to help out :) about 1 hour ago via Tweetie for Mac in reply to Coratee

    StC’s official response for this is currently unknown. Either way it isn’t likely that the site will be back in its previous form. R.I.P Save The Coratee and it was fun while it lasted. If you want to see how this tracker looked when it was alive, refer to our recent review  located here.


    If you are looking for alternatives, BrokenStones is a great site for Mac content (and is the largest specialized Mac tracker currently online). To obtain a BS invite through their invite site, follow this guide.

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    1. lunatic // 8/06/2010 07:24:00 AM
      a brand new tracker ^^

      register via IRC

      Port: 6667
      Channel: #invites

    2. Unknown // 12/02/2016 03:31:00 AM  

      After an invite to magictorrents. I have 40g of Jay sankey to upload.