Apparently we have a lot of Cartoon fans among our readership. The recent article about Neptoons tracker (which is still open btw) & CNS Forum resulted in several E-mail requests to feature a direct download link (DDL) forum for all sorts of cartoons not limiting to certain niches. Although we have already posted about several such sites in our DDL forums section, here’s another great site where you can download plenty of cartoons. Cartoon World (C-W) is a direct download link forum specializing in all sorts of animation – this includes regular cartoons, anime, manga and even soundtracks of popular animated series. A wide misconception about C-W is that it’s an anime only forum – while the site does index of a lot of Japanese animation, it also hosts a huge library regular cartoons including Classic toons made in the golden age of American animation as well as latest CGI animated, US based shows.

Cartoon World Forum

Compared to niche sites we have already featured such as Classic Nick Shows and DCMovie, Cartoon World is a bigger forum catering to a much larger scope of content. It currently has around 29000 registered members and nearly 13000 open threads, making it probably the largest cartoon download forum in the world.

Anyways if you join C-W you probably won’t care how many members it has – you’d most likely be interested in the amount of downloadable content available. Thankfully, Cartoon World has plenty of stuff to satisfy almost every cartoon fan. From regular cartoons to anime (Japanese animation), there is a huge library of animated content here. You can access all these shows in the ‘Download Area’ of the site.

Cartoon World Index

As you can see from the screenshot above, downloads are broken into several categories. Note that the term ‘Cartoons’ on C-W refers to forms of animation not created in Japan – that is, non Anime. If you are looking to download a particular show, I suggest you navigate to the ‘Download Index’ under ‘Anime & Cartoons’ section – this threads has an alphabetical listing of all indexed shows, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Cartoon World shows

Screenshot above highlights some of the shows indexed on Cartoon World. Most of these are non scene releases that you probably won’t find on your favorite BitTorrent tracker. If that’s not enough exclusive content right there, Cartoon World has a separate section (‘C-W Content’ in Download Area) which is full of their own internal releases. Take my word for it - there’s some pretty rare content here folks.

If you are thinking of joining C-W, it's pretty easy. This is not one of those secret communities that are out of bounds to regular readers – Cartoon World is open for registrations and you can create an account directly without the need for invites, interviews or invite applications.

Site Name: Cartoon World (

Registration URL:

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  1. Darkness44 // 8/18/2010 12:31:00 AM  

    I'm glad I knew about CW a long time ago. It's great for them to have more recognition as well. :D

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