You hear about game trainers being released for full games but you don’t often see them being developed for game demos. This is not a bad thing really - If you are a video game developer and if a trainer of a hack appeared online for your latest demo, that usually means the full game is going to be a hit on the targeted platform. It’s just been a day since a try-out version of highly anticipated Mafia 2 was released by 2K Games and the modding community has already stepped up and released the first trainer for the game. While Mafia 2 demo (which is being made available over Steam) features a functional, playable version of the game , it has restrictions such as time limitation, reduced missions and inaccessible areas. The trainer removes some of these obstacles, giving players more time to check out the demo.

Mafia 2 Cover Image Box Art

The trainer released by ModMyWhat (MWW), a modding news site and a community, offers over 10 options. This includes unlimited ammo, infinite money, ability to enable or disable police and most importantly, the ability to remove the timer countdown. It also adds an interesting ‘waterhover’ option which if enabled will allow vehicles to float over water. Note that some of these functions seem to be buggy and will sometimes crash the game. However, in general it works fine and does not seem to have any major issues.

[Click Here] to visit trainer homepage – contains a description and links for the Mafia 2 Demo trainer.

No matter how many kick ass trainers are released, keep in mind that this is still a demo. It offers only a fraction of the content the full game has to offer and should only be used to ‘try before buy’. Speaking of buying, Mafia 2 seems to be a title well worth spending the money on. If you are thinking of pirating this, I suggest you try to buy it since Mafia 2 has some PC gamer friendly developers behind it who really deserve the appreciation.


  1. Jon // 8/12/2010 10:30:00 PM  

    Great news...played Mafia-I a long time ago..Looking forward to the second iteration now!

  2. Anonymous // 8/21/2010 09:59:00 PM  

    Played the 1st one... best game ever!! the sequel will be better 4 sure! :)

  3. raj mangal // 12/12/2011 04:36:00 PM  

    Great news...played Mafia-I a continued time ago..Looking advanced to the additional abundance now!Personal Trainer Directory