2010 has been a particularly good year for specialized games torrent trackers. We’ve seen some promising new trackers such as GazelleGames emerge, we’ve seen veteran sites such as bitGAMER announce new changes and we’ve even seen old school trackers such as Underground Gamer and Blackcats Games opening signups. This post is about yet another new addition to the gaming tracker scene - GameBurner (its name and logo seems to be inspired by the popular feed management service FeedBurner). GB is a Poland based tracker dedicated to tracking PC and console video games. The site has one of the most attractive, eye catching layouts seen on a games tracker (and it appears to be built on a tracker script we’ve unheard of). Additionally, GB features a slot based downloads system that allows you to download any torrent as free leech or 2x upload, a ‘gold’ based bonus system and several other cool features. the site is currently open for signup and is accepting new members.

GameBurner Logo

We’re not exactly sure when GB officially opened to the public.  The welcome note on homepage is dated 3rd August so it can’t be much earlier since then. During the short period of time it’s been online, GB has managed to recruit over 550 new members and even managed to rack up over 800 active torrents. The number of torrents is impressive, considering the fact that this is a niche site rather than a general/0day tracker.

One of the first things you’ll notice after joining GameBurner is the flashy UI. The red and orange based layout looks and feels ideal for a games torrent tracker. It’s default torrent view is something similar to detailed ‘movies view mode’ on PTN v2 and Wunza. Each torrent has it's own tile which contains a miniature image of the game’s cover, seeder/leecher details, file size as well as three separate buttons (Normal, FL and 2X UP) that facilitate torrent download.

GameBurner Index

If you are wondering why the need for three buttons, they each serve a different purpose. If you download by clicking the ‘Normal’ button it will work like a regular download. If you download using the FL button, the torrent would become free leech (only upload amount counted towards your stats). And if you download using the 2X UP button, torrent would have double upload enabled. Note that the number of FL and 2X UP downloads a user can have at a given time is limited – this is based on the number of slots available. New users by default have two 2X upload slots and two free leech slots.

Another noteworthy feature on GameBurner is the gold based bonus system. You gain gold for seeding torrents and you can unlock some interesting site features by spending these. There are some cool features to unlock such as ‘double upload for a week’ (and my Google translated version of the bonus page had an upgrade called ‘wild penis’).

GameBurner Bonus system

As mentioned earlier GameBurner is a Polish tracker. Default site language is Polish but there is an English option which you can switch to. However, we recommend using Google Chrome’s automatic translation as the English language option seems to be incomplete. Either way GameBurner is currently open for signup and interested readers can create a free account without jumping hoops.

Site Name: GameBurner (http://gameburner.net)

Signup URL: http://gameburner.net/signup.php?akcja=english

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  1. evil // 8/14/2010 03:17:00 PM  

    No comments on this tracker?
    Maybe it wasn't the best time for GameBurner to open their gates, since BCG was open lately.

  2. sayyaf // 8/16/2010 12:33:00 AM  

    hmmm..... all these trackers don't assure you that the thing on them will be working. In fact i have just found another site which assures you that all applications will be working. Its www.yourequestismycommand.blogspot.com