Lately, we’ve seen a lot of buzz in the specialized games tracker scene with Blackcats Games opening signup, bitGAMER migrating to Gazelle, the launch of PWNNetwork, etc. However, there are games torrent sites out there which haven’t fully got the attention they deserve ; GazelleGames (GGn) is one of them. GGn is without a doubt the most feature rich dedicated PC and console games tracker out there – from the standard set of features provided by Gazelle RC2 codebase to custom add-ons such as detailed games description pages with screenshots, trailers + YouTube videos to automatic integration with reviews and ESRB ratings, GGn’s usability features remain unrivalled even by veteran games trackers that have been around forever. Despite the already impressive feature set, developers and staff of this great young torrent site keep adding new enhancements every day. Their latest additions include an automatic uploader bot for more new seedbox hosted daily video game torrents and faster pre times plus a ton of other ehnacements.


Being a relatively new entrant to the BitTorrent scene, GGn does not have a torrent index or a registered user base as large as that of heavyweights such as BCG’s. However, with 3300+ registered members and 1600+ active torrents added in a very short period of time, its catching up fast. Introduction of the autouploader will further speed things up as it will increase the number of new torrents uploaded per day. Speaking of new torrents, all new uploads at GGn have a 6 hour free leech period – this promotes activity as well as helps members build a healthy ratio. To quote one of the SysOps:

Worried you won't be able to afford the latest releases? We have lots of ratio boosters on site. From our numerous Upload GB giveaways, to our 6 hour freeleech on new torrents (including our seedbox hosted auto uploads). We even have a monthly staff pick that is not only freeleech, but has challenges too that get you extra Upload GB's!

Additionally, we are told that more free leech possibilities will be made available once the proposed switch to Ocelot core tracking software is complete.

GazelleGames Index
Image: Some of the torrents indexed on GazelleGames – the site tracks PC and Console games both old and new including scene and non scene releases.

As we said earlier, the impressive list of modern features is one of the major factors contributing to the success of GGn. Listed below are some of the latest improvements and additions made by the site’s developers, who seem to be really passionate about what they do:

  • Screenshots and YouTube video form fields in torrent description pages
  • Review Ratings (CNET, IGN and Metacritic integration)
  • Uploady (an automated upload system which requires only a game title and platform – the rest is auto filled)
  • Hit n' Run system
  • ESRB Ratings
  • 'My' Platforms (add your consoles and use them as the default search filter when browsing torrents!)
  • Account parking
  • RSS Feeds and Announces
  • Idle IRC Bonus
  • Anonymous uploading
  • Peer list Anonymity
  • Staff recommendations
  • Forum Subscriptions
  • Paranoia Level 6
  • Multi user PM's
  • Latests posts
  • Like/Dislike posts
  • Donations progress bar (full disclosure with a REALISTIC target)
  • Dropdown Box for Tags
  • BBCode spoiler tag
  • BBCode button panel
  • Descriptions Without Torrents
  • Achievements System
  • IRC Poker Bot
  • GGn Minecraft Server
  • Feedback Button
  • Greasemonkey Scripts such as Steam uploady, buffer calculator, lightbox resizer, and upload comments notifier

Note that the list above does not includes some of the older features such as the GamePedia, GGn Wiki, etc which we covered in previous articles located here and here.

Signups for GazelleGames are currently closed - majority of our reader base are probably already members there since we announced two GGn open signups previously on this blog. However, if you are a new reader or still haven’t joined this tracker for some reason, you can still ask for an invite in their official invites IRC channel. Details are as follows:

Server: : ( for SSL)
Channel: #Invites or #GGn-Help
Invites Channel Direct Link: irc://
Help Channel Direct Link: irc://

Special thanks to t4nk and rest of GGn staff for the heads up.

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  1. Alessio // 2/18/2011 09:09:00 PM  
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  2. Alessio // 2/18/2011 09:13:00 PM  

    admin, Daedy, is a really cool man!
    and the staff are great!

  3. lascu // 2/18/2011 10:18:00 PM

  4. Unknown // 2/19/2011 01:46:00 AM  

    Thanks for the info. GGn is a really great tracker with alot of potential. The staff and the userbase is aweosome.

    You forgot to mention one awesome feature in this review. The 'Achievements' system.

    The Achievements-system is the way at GGn to step up in userclasses. You level up by reaching new levels such as 50 Gb uploaded (LVL1) 100 Gb uploaded (LVL2), Downloaded, snatched, forumposts etc. All reaching up to lvl 7.

    A new userclass needs exapme 1000 points. You gain the points by leveling up. For example:

    Download LVL1 + LVL2 = 300p
    Forumposts LVL1 =100p
    Upload LVL1 + LVL2 = 300p
    Snatched LVL1 + LVl2 = 300p

    Now you reached a new userclass.
    This seems a bit confusing. I'm sure you can describe this better.

  5. TEAM FILEnetworks // 2/19/2011 03:35:00 AM  

    Thanks for the detailed overview of Achievements system.

    In other news, updated the list of new features (quoted from a newer list in GGn development forum).

  6. microd20 // 2/19/2011 01:48:00 PM  

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    Check it out!!

  7. lascu // 2/20/2011 12:12:00 AM
    free signup
    Max Users 30,000
    Free places 1,869
    Registered Users 28,131
    Unconfirmed Users 0
    Seeders 14,757
    Leechers 1,119
    Peers 15,876
    Torrents 3,976

  8. KR // 2/27/2011 08:19:00 AM  

    Best for get ratios up is and they are cheap too

  9. All-a round // 2/28/2011 05:00:00 AM  

    hmmm.. Cool Staff ;) thanx!! Some Nice article.

  10. Unknown // 12/15/2012 05:18:00 PM  
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