With the 83rd Oscar academy awards ceremony just around the corner, it’s a time of celebration for movie fanatics. The veteran BitTorrent tracker/release blog BTArena is joining in on the celebrations in style; BTArena’s Oscars project is back for a third time, this time for the 2011 awards. If you have never heard about this before, this project deals primarily with leaked Oscar nominated movies. Although tightened security procedures by movie publishers did reduce the number of leaks compared to 2010, it’s no secret that a number of Oscar nominated movies are already available for download on file sharing networks across the world. BTArena’s aim is to bring all these leaked torrents and direct downloads together under a single page, where everyone can easily download them.

Oscar 2011 BTArena

While some of you may be hearing about this for the first time, BTArea has been doing it before every academy awards ceremony since 2009. The project is basically a separate page on BTArena site in which current Oscar awards categories and nominated movies for each award are listed. Next to each nomination is a link through which you can download a copy of the related movie via BitTorrent or one click hosting sites. Download links to all but 18 nominated movies are available (most of the missing links are for shorts). These links point to verified, non fake torrent files hosted on BTArena’s tracker. Note that private torrent tracker fans may not like this since all links point to torrents hosted on public trackers.

[Click Here] to visit Oscars 2011 page on BTArena.Org

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