We’re a little late on this one but here’s the routine troubleshooting article for Test Drive Unlimited 2. TDU 2 is the 10th installment of popular Test Drive racing game series and the sequel to 2007’s Test Drive Unlimited 1. I’ve had the opportunity to try this game out on the PC and for me, it was nothing more than a mediocre racer. In fact TDU 2 looked more like a mash up between a racing game and ‘The Sims’ rather than a pure racer like its predecessors – I wasn’t a fan of the newly introduced ‘social features’ but credit to developers for trying out something different than following the same old formula. Coming back to the troubleshooting article, here are some fixes and solutions for some common problems you may experience with the game. While it’s not an unplayable bugfest, it’s not a perfect game either.

Fix Test Drive Unlimited 2 sound issues

If your computer’s sound output is configured to anything above ‘Stereo’ you might experience no sound, missing cut scene audio, etc. The game does not appear to support surround sound on certain hardware configurations. To fix this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Control Panel –> Sound
  2. Select ‘Speakers’ and click the ‘Configure’ button.
  3. Choose ‘Stereo’ in the next dialog.
  4. Click Next on every window in the wizard. Hit finish at the last step to save changes.

Fix missing DLL file error at launch

If you experience any missing DLL errors while trying to launch the game, a likely cause is an outdated or incomplete DirectX installation. You can download the latest DX monthly runtime (November 2010) from this location.

How to change language in TDU2

Several people had sent us E-mail asking us how to change the language. Well you don’t need to mess with the configuration file to change the language since you can do it directly from the in game options menu. However, your copy of TDU2 needs to be a Multilanguage copy in order to do this. I’ve seen MULTI5 (supports Spanish, English, French, Italian and Deutsch) and MULTI2 (supports Russian and English) copies of the game so the selectable languages will depend on the version you own.

Fix TDU2 crashes – beta users

Did you have the Test Drive Unlimited 2 beta installed? If so, please uninstall the beta and delete its installation folders manually prior to installing the full game.

How to switch between windowed mode and fullscreen in Test Drive Unlimited 2

Again, this can easily be done using the standard windows shortcut. Pressing ALT + Enter keys together will toggle between fullscreen mode and windowed mode in TDU 2.

No dynamic weather effects such as Rain in TDU 2

Ever seen it raining while in game? Some of you may not have due to a weird reason – dynamic weather effects only work when you are online. There are a few races and events where it rains regardless of you being online or offline, but dynamic weather effects when you are just driving around or free roaming will not work in offline mode. This will probably be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Fix TDU 2 closing/crashing at launch and other startup errors

This can happen for a number of reasons but here’s one of the solutions that might work. If you installed the game using a mounted image, try unpacking the ISO and installing from the unpacked files. This seems to have solved the issues for several people, judging from responses on several gaming forums.

How to configure a 3rd party game controller with Test Drive Unlimited 2

For a detailed guide on how to configure a 3rd party controller with Test Drive Unlimited 2, please check out this forum thread.

Few tips to improve TDU 2 performance

  1. Disable multi GPU features such as SLI or Crossfire – the game seems to have trouble with them on certain configurations.
  2. There is a FPS lock at 60.
  3. Update your graphics card drivers.

This article is a work in progress – it will be updated as more solutions are found.

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  1. Unknown // 2/14/2011 09:40:00 PM  

    Are you sure that the weather will be fixed in offline mode ?

  2. Anonymous // 6/17/2011 06:24:00 AM  


  3. Unknown // 12/15/2012 05:32:00 PM  
  4. Gamers // 9/12/2013 10:10:00 PM  
  5. Unknown // 7/06/2014 01:20:00 PM  

    Does not work at all. Fresh Windows 8.1 installation, latest drivers, fully uptimized system....Crysis 3 runs on ULTRA...test drive 2 stutters and fps drops every 30sec to 5fps.
    Tried everything...even upacked version with community patch...no Joy.

  6. Shawn H Parker // 8/07/2020 01:22:00 PM