Here’s something you don’t see every day – Racing Underground (RU) has opened its doors to the public for a very limited amount of time. RU is a specialized racing torrent tracker and is without a doubt one of the best online resources for racing fans. The site covers everything from full race videos & highlights from almost all major racing events including Formula 1,2,3, MotoGP, GP2, GP3, WRC, BRC, IRC Rally events, etc to racing related E-books and even sports car and motorbike photography. Although some of you may not have heard of this tracker before, RU is a huge private torrent site with over 35000 indexed torrents. Keep in mind that this site almost never opens public signups. Even today’s open registration will only last for a mere 7 hours so hurry up and get in while you can – this is too good a tracker to miss out on.

Racing Underground

Despite being a closed community for the most part, RU isn’t a private tracker that’s short of members. At the time this post was being written, Racing Underground was home to 25400+ active users and had over 35100 torrents in its database – this tracker is living proof that even niche torrent sites can attract the masses and gain popularity if they are managed well.

As it’s the case with most niche trackers, content is king on Racing Underground. The site tracks a ton of unique and exclusive torrents which you are not likely to find on any other private trackers. RU has it’s own cappers who are responsible for uploading full match videos and highlights captured from TV streams, cable and satellite broadcasts, etc. Pretty much everything from videos of all major racing events to E-books and photos related to racing can be found here. The screenshot below captures some of the torrent categories available on Racing Underground:

Racing Underground Index

Coming back to open signups, Racing Underground staff have decided to open registrations for a very limited amount of time. A notice posted on site reads:

Open sign-up's available for the next 7 hours, spread the word....!! (04:00 PM)

7 hours is indeed a very short window but many would agree that it’s a lot better than nothing.

Site Name: Racing Underground (
Signup URL: (Invitation code field should be auto filled – if it does not, that means open signup ended)

If by the time you read this signups have closed, then tough luck. Otherwise, enjoy one of the best racing torrent communities on the planet.
UPDATE: Signups have closed due to high demand:

Due to overwhelming success, open sign-up's have been closed earlier..

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  1. Unknown // 2/15/2011 01:51:00 AM  

    Is anyone else having trouble with the invitation code?
    It's not filling out at all...

  2. Unknown // 2/15/2011 01:52:00 AM  

    The invitation code does not auto-fill. Why not post in the article?

  3. Unknown // 2/15/2011 02:18:00 AM  

    Open Sign-Up's Closed

    Due to overwhelming success, open sign-up's have been closed earlier...

  4. Unknown // 2/15/2011 03:12:00 AM  

    No, i'm looking for an invite to the tracker from alot of time, i really want access to their archive. I can't belive i missed it... soo sad... soo sad!

  5. Unknown // 2/15/2011 03:13:00 AM  

    Stupid real live... i hate you now.

  6. Unknown // 2/15/2011 04:25:00 AM  

    i have 5 invates and i very happy ;D

  7. blake // 2/15/2011 06:25:00 AM  

    andrius can i have a invite code please?

  8. Triad_470 // 2/15/2011 07:45:00 AM  

    Just came here to say thanks. I was able to register last night after seeing your Twitter notification. Thanks again for the heads up. Best P2P blog hands down :)

  9. Unknown // 2/15/2011 08:54:00 AM  

    damn :( I would love to get in this one

  10. zoubi35 // 2/15/2011 06:16:00 PM  

    Can you send me an invitation code Andrius please.
    Since a long time I try to have an invitation code.
    Real fan of motorsports.


  11. jb // 2/16/2011 12:43:00 AM  

    Damn, missed it.

    If anyone is feeling generous, hit me up.

  12. cobra428 // 2/16/2011 02:23:00 AM  

    i would like a invite code if someone would be so kind.

  13. lascu // 2/18/2011 01:13:00 AM

  14. grumpydwarf // 1/07/2012 08:51:00 PM  

    bah i wanted to join with a 100 mb seedbox but there damm well closed ifr u can help me out yhere's my email

  15. grumpydwarf // 1/07/2012 08:51:00 PM  

    bah i wanted to join with a 100 mb seedbox but there damm well closed ifr u can help me out yhere's my email

  16. Unknown // 12/15/2012 05:31:00 PM  
  17. Shawn H Parker // 8/07/2020 01:24:00 PM