A couple of weeks ago we featured on this blog a list of direct download link forums and torrent trackers where you could find and download premium documentary series free of charge. Here’s a site which we forgot to mention in that article; DocMasters.TV. DocMasters is a DDL forum which is similar to Docs4You, Son of Shun and MVGroup (see end of post for links & review of these sites) in terms of indexed content. It’s a relatively new site where verified and reliable one click hosting links to premium documentaries by well known publishers and channels such as BBC. Discovery, National Geographic, The History Channel, PBS, HBO, Frontline, Channel 4, Imax and many others can be found. But it’s not only direct download links you can find on DocMasters – most of the uploads come with a streaming video link which can be used to watch an item online. For anyone interested in joining, the site is currently open for registrations (alternatively, you can login via Facebook connect as well).

DocMasters TV

Launched around 4 months ago, DocMasters is probably the youngest documentary DDL forum out there. However, it’s progressed at a good pace and now indexes over 2000 documentary releases (not counting uploads in VIP and adult sections). It really hasn’t had much exposure from file sharing blogs or forums yet but still has managed to recruit over 650 active members. These statistics are bound to go up as days progress and the site gets more exposure.

As is the case with most niche DDL communities out there, content is king on DocMasters. The site specializes in all kinds of documentaries including premium content that’s usually aired on pay TV channels. Amongst the indexed uploads are well known TV series aired on channels such as BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, ITV, Channel 4, HBO, SKY, etc as well as some audio only documentaries broadcast on radio. A screenshot capturing some of the release categories on DocsMasters can be seen below:

DocsMasters Screenshot

Just like on almost every DDL forum out there, releases are organized into forum sections on DocsMasters - each upload gets its own separate thread and a detailed description of the featured documentary, its download links and online streaming links (if available) can be found on these threads. To see the links, users must be registered, logged in and must have made at least one reply (even a simple ‘Thanks’ will do) to the thread in question. Uploads are usually hosted on one click hosting sites i.e. RapidShare and Megaupload. Online streaming is made possible with hosts such as MegaVideo, YouTube, Google Video, etc.

Registrations for DocsMasters is currently open. If you are looking for a good source to download documentary and infotainment content, this is a decent site to have.

Site Name: DocsMasters (http://www.docmasters.tv)

Signup URL: http://www.docmasters.tv/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register

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