About a year back, we featured on this blog an interesting little site called TV Dump (TVD for short). Although it was filed under the ‘DDL Forums’ section, TV-Dump was different from the average Direct Download Link forum. It was actually a hybrid of a TV episode release blog, a DDL link repository and a streaming links library. Yes, you can either download latest television episodes to your computer or watch them online as Flash streaming video through TVD. During the past year or so, lots of things have changed over at this site and we thought it was time for an update. TV Dump now features over 30000 TV episode releases, a revamped user interface and most importantly more mirror download links to ensure extended lifetime of indexed releases (shows now uploaded to Depositfiles, FreakShare and FileSonic).

TV Dump Logo

When we last mentioned this site back in April 2010, it indexed just 1700 uploads. Within less than a year’s time this number has grown to a whopping 37500 releases – enough proof that TVD has kept the momentum going. However, judging by TVD’s Alexa ranking (480000+), the site does not seem to be getting the attention it deserves.  Hopefully, a few more blog posts such as this and publicity on file sharing forums would boost TVD’s user base further and give it a couple thousand more regular daily visitors – this is without a doubt a great resource for TV show fans.

Uploading more TV releases does not seem to be the only thing TVD staff were busy with over the past few months. The site now features a brand new layout through which you can download or watch a TV series of your liking in a few clicks. Newly uploaded episodes are listed on the homepage and if you are looking for a particular series, you can use the top toolbar which features an alphabetical list of all indexed TV shows. For those interested, a release RSS feed is also available (see end of post).

TV Dump Index

Up until a couple of days ago, Depositfiles had been the one click hosting service (or cyber locker, as they are called these days) of choice used to upload shows at TV Dump. This has now changed – each new release now gets uploaded to at least three different file hosts such as Depositfiles, FreakShare, FileSonic and in some cases, Hotfile. If you are wondering about the streaming links, they are still here too. Click on a release name and on the description page you’ll find all direct download links as well as the online streaming link along with a screen capture of the release in question.

TV-Dump is not a closed site and everyone is able to publicly access, watch and download content. You do not need to sign up or log in to enjoy the full site features. Use the links below to access the site.

Site Name & Homepage: TV-Dump (http://tv-dump.org/)
Twitter Feed: http://twitter.com/tv_dump
RSS: http://tv-dump.org/feed/

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