MP3Scene Invites IRC Channel Open

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Just a quick heads up for those who missed out on MP3Scene open Signups. This tracker now has an official IRC invites channel through which interested readers can request for a free invite. You will have to undergo a short interview process and provided that you succeed, a MP3Scene invitation will be sent to you by site staff themselves. For those who are hearing about this tracker for the first time, MP3Scene has been one of the fastest growing private trackers of 2011. The site, which is based on the SoftMP3 source code, tracks scene released English music albums mostly in MP3 format. Its uploaders and automatic upload scripts have added nearly 10000 music torrents to the index in just 5 weeks time.


At the time of this posting, MP3Scene had a registered user base of 6000 members and tracked 9500 active torrents (3500 new, 5800 archived, 200 Lossless). If you are looking for more information about this tracker, a detailed review along with screenshots can be found here. Invite channel details are given below:

Channel: #mp3scene.invite
Direct Link: irc://

New to IRC? Read this brief tutorial to get started.

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