Still not part of a dedicated movie torrent tracker? Here’s a site that you can join; The Swarm is a private torrent tracker specializing in movies and movies only. This Gazelle powered site has opened registrations for a limited time after being closed for several weeks. TheSwarm is a relatively new private community that’s shown a lot of promise lately. The site features IMDB style browse pages, verified torrents, IMDB & Metacritic ratings integration, Libraries, tagged search, organized main index (all torrents for a single movie filed under the same entry), detailed movie description pages and a number of other custom add ons. Both in terms of looks and content, the Swarm boasts several similarities to PassThePopcorn, one of the largest movie repositories currently online. In case you are thinking of signing up for The Swarm, registrations are currently open.

The Swarm Logo

Comparing The Swarm with PTP might be a little unfair since this site is still very young - It still has a long way to go to become a legend in the BT community. However the start The Swarm has had so far is great. As of 3/2/2011, TS tracked over 1100 movie torrents and had a registered user base in excess of 3300 members – good statistics for any start up tracker, even better for a specialized site.

As for the content, there are no surprises – The Swarm is a movies only tracker so expect to find a lot of movies around here . In addition to movies, following content types are also allowed on TS:

  • Music concerts and Stand-Up Comedy - official releases only (i.e. released to DVD, Blu Ray or HD-DVD only).
  • Made-for-TV movies. TV mini-series (but not TV series) may be allowed with staff approval.
  • Documentaries from a specific production company (e.g. BBC or National Geographic) are allowed as long as they are not part of a continuing series. Documentary mini-series may be allowed with staff approval.
  • Sports documentaries MUST be a documentary about the sport, and not just a sport-based video.

The Swarm Index

Keep in mind that The Swarm is not another out of the box Gazelle implementation. This site has its share of custom features, including the very useful movie ratings integration on the main torrent index itself. To know more about TS’s custom features, check out the Rules page and its subsections in full.

Registrations for The Swarm are currently open. We do not know for sure how long the doors would remain open – the site currently has a maximum user limit of 4000 and assuming open signups would continue till this limit is reached, there appears to be room for 650 more new torrenters.

Site Name: The Swarm (

Signup URL:

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  1. Unknown // 2/03/2011 08:49:00 AM  

    looks like a clone of ptp!
    but promising, indeed. the gazelle interface is always welcome.
    thanks for the heads-up, filenetworks team.

  2. Unknown // 2/03/2011 02:13:00 PM  

    i joined swarm but could not download any file. cannot see the file some one help me please

  3. Trace // 2/03/2011 03:03:00 PM  

    can any one access appz.bitshock ?

  4. -z- // 2/04/2011 04:47:00 AM  


    Hey guys and girls, users of Appz.Bitshock Tracker.
    I,CristianoR have decided that it`s the best choice to let you knowabout our future plans regarding Appz,
    so I have decided to release this note so all of you know what are our future plans .

    So, let`s get started :

    First of all, I have spoken with putyn and all other Appz.Bitshock Staff, and we have came to a conclusion.
    We think it`s into the best benefit to close Appz.Bitshock (wait for it.... :P) for a close period of time .
    Why did we came with this conclusion ? Well, I`ll mention our reasons down :

    - Fist of all, we want to change our source, this meaning tones of work and since we don`t have so much free
    time to do it now,we have decided to change it after the Christmas Hollidays ; with the new source, lots of
    features will be available (karma sistem for example) ;
    - Some finance problems, problems that will probably be fixed starting 2011 ;
    - Some seedbox problems . As you probably know, we had 2 'home made seedboxes' (2x1TB, 25 mbps) and both of
    them, into the last month were down . This will (probably be fixed too)

    Well, what can I say ? There are more other reasons (for example the lack of interest from lots of
    users -RESPECT to those who were near us all the time!-, but again, this problem will be fixed too)

    So! This decision was taken 2 weeks ago, that`s why we have decided to stop the autouploader. In a couple of
    days, the site will be dead so don`t worry :

    WE WILL COME BACK, better that we were !

    Keep close and thanks for being with us !

    // CristianoR & Appz.Bitshock Staff

  5. Unknown // 12/15/2012 05:33:00 PM